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Music Can Influence Your Online Dating Life

A new study came out today outlining the role music can play in your online dating life, and surprisingly enough it has a lot of influence! Mental Health experts at Cambridge University have been doing research for the past few years, tracking how your mental state changes when you listen to differe... Read On

Avoiding Online Peer Pressure

Avoiding Online Peer Pressure

We get a lot of questions from people regarding what they should and should’t be doing online. “He asked me to Skype, but I don’t really want to.” “She’s asking to start sexting. I’m really not comfortable with that…” “He wants to meet afte... Read On

Choosing The Right Dating Site

There are so many new dating websites out there, I don’t know which one to use. Have any suggestions on how I can pick? Heather Well Heather, there are many important factors that should go into picking the right online dating site for you. First, make the decision on what you are looking for.... Read On

How Spell Check Can Help Your Online Dating Life

I have great news for people using online personals sites! There’s a great invention I stumbled across that will instantly make you a better communicator online: It’s called spell check! Believe it or not, this great tool will act as a dictionary for word that you didn’t even reali... Read On

The Most Important Dating Factor

We here at Online Personals FAQ are always getting asked what the key ingredients are for dating success. There are a lot of different things you can add to the pot, but there’s one thing that stands out above the others as the most important: Confidence! Confidence is the first thing that peo... Read On

Advice For Divorced Women

I often get questions from divorced women asking about online dating. Is it right for them? Is anyone out there looking to get involved with a divorcee? Should they just give up on love all together? Well, with an attitude like that, yes, you should. But if you are one of the divorced women in the ... Read On

Can Having Too Much Money Be A Deal Breaker?

I find that when women realize how much money I make, they’re scared off. I could understand this if I made little, but I make a good living for myself. Why do women stop talking to me once they found out I’m wealthy? -Rich and Confused Although most people aren’t put off by a big ... Read On