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Be Patient

When a guy is kinky or has a fetish, their best bet in finding a good XXX dating match is find a lady who enjoys the same things, but sometimes that’s just not possible. It’s either difficult to find or perhaps the gentleman meets someone and falls for her before he even gets a chance to bring up the subject. That can cause some difficulty for a guy, but there are ways to introduce some kinky activities into the bedroom, even after a relationship has already been established.

Kinky sex

It may seem like it will be difficult to introduce a new girlfriend to kinky sex or a fetish that they’ve never experienced, but it isn’t always as difficult as a guy may think. Many women may balk at the idea at first, but they sometimes come around. The best thing to do is not to be too pushy and don’t rush her or make it seem like an ultimatum. Don’t come home with all kinds of crazy equipment and scare her half to death. If she freaks out, the discussion may be permanently over. Instead start with a very mildly kinky dirty movie and a toy that seems innocuous. A pair of furry handcuffs will seem cute and a little naughty and can be a great introduction to generate an interest in bondage. After trying something new, talk to her. See how she felt about it and how much she enjoyed it. Encourage her to share her true feelings. If she feels safe to be honest about her thoughts, she’ll talk even more and possibly even share some of her own fantasies that she’s been keeping to herself. Knowing that her feelings really matter will probably inspire her to feel comfortable to explore a little further. Work slowly, trying slightly more risqué and kinky things, but don’t rush her and always talk afterwards and get her take on things. In a situation like this, patience really is a virtue.