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Romance, My Ass

There’s romance and then there’s crap. Ladies actually hate some ‘romantic’ shit that they’re really supposed to be into, and if there’s one thing worse than bad sex, it’s having to sit through a romantic gesture that makes you feel icky. Here’s a list... Read On

The Importance of Cooking

If there is one thing that is going to improve your online personals profile, it’s the three little words I love cooking. Women adore men who cook. I know this – I am a man who cooks. I am a man who loves cooking. I am a man who recognizes the intense pleasure of creating a gorgeous meal... Read On

Divorce Month

I’m going to go ahead and be an asshole and say that January and February are good months for all of us in the online personals world. Wait a second, wait until I tell you why, and then you’ll understand why I’m an asshole. According to eDivorcePapers.com, January is the month that... Read On

Cheating Myths

A lot of us cheat. If you have been dating through online personals for more than a minute, you know there are a lot of married people out there looking for sex. Cheaters, cheaters, cheaters. It’s ok. We are not all going to hell. Just relax. There’s a lot of misconceptions about cheatin... Read On

Best Pick-Up Line Ever?

Okay: weirdness. An online personals website called Badoo.com analyzed the success rate of over 200, 000 online flirtations in the period of one month in an attempt to find what was the most successful. Seriously, weirdness of all weirdness, guess what they discovered was the most successful pick-up... Read On

Birthday Sex

Birthday sex is an important indicator of how healthy a relationship is. I’m serious. A good friend of mine, a woman, for that matter, didn’t get any birthday sex from her long-term boyfriend last year and the very next day she was all up in the online personals looking for a man to plea... Read On

A Quick Word On Cheating

Cheating. I dare one of you to say you have never done it. At least, you’ve made out with someone other than a partner at one point or another, I’m sure. And it probably wasn’t that big of a deal. We are hardwired to cheat, I don’t care what any of your moral purists say. Let... Read On

On How Not to Have a Sexless Winter

Another letter from a lovely lady. Oh, how I love your letters, ladies – please do not stop sending them. Dear Michael, It’s winter here in Minnesota. You know that that means? If you’re a single woman, even a sexy single woman like me, it can mean no sex till June. You see, we get... Read On

Letter From The Guilty Third Party

I recently got a letter asking for advice from a female fan of the site; I’d like to share it with you all: Dear Michael, I need your advice. About a month ago, I was out of town for a friend’s concert and ran into a couple of other musicians I know through the band. We all started drink... Read On

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