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Fireworks Season

It’s hard to get away from the constant reminder that it’s finally firework season. If you could put fireworks into two categories, it would be under ‘Things that will keep the kids busy,’ and ‘Romantic ideas for great dates,’ the ladder, of course, being the impo... Read On

Dating Getaway

If you can’t afford to take a faraway vacation then maybe what you need isn’t so faraway. There are a lot of local getaway spots you can escape to over the weekend. If you are Dating someone that could be just the thing to turn the tide from sweet and romantic to hot and passionate sex. ... Read On


There is no reason to have to spend money for a pay online personals site as long as we are willing to take the time to go through the profiles carefully on the Free dating sites. Yes, there will probably be more people on the free sites, and a lot more profiles to sort through, but there is no reas... Read On

Be Patient

When a guy is kinky or has a fetish, their best bet in finding a good XXX dating match is find a lady who enjoys the same things, but sometimes that’s just not possible. It’s either difficult to find or perhaps the gentleman meets someone and falls for her before he even gets a chance to bring u... Read On

Music To Soothe The Not So Savage Beast

All the work has been done. The online dating site, the chatting, the phone calls, the first meeting and the successful subsequent dates. Now it’s time for the first sexual encounter with the lady, and it’s time to set the scene. First of all, get things neat and clean. Hire a cleaning service i... Read On

Be The Dating King

If a guy wants to be a big winner in the online dating world and find a great relationship, he should learn how to woo and court a woman. Courting a lady is a lost art these days, and because of that, the guy who masters courting and chivalry will stand out in the crowd and beat out any competition.... Read On

Online Dating Stats And Facts

We here at OnlinePersonalsFAQ will be the first to tell you that your best bet at finding love is also the easiest way to find it: By looking online. Online dating popularity started rising from the time it debut over a decade ago, and it continues to make it’s way to the top date-getting meth... Read On

Holiday Pressure

It’s that time of the year where people spend all of their extra cash on relatives they haven’t talk to in months, spend their extra time hanging decorations in their house that only their cats are going to get to enjoy, and spend their days and nights stressing over the fact that they&#... Read On

Who’s Using Dating Sites More, Girls Or Guys?

I want to try online dating, but I feel that it’s all girls using them, and I’m looking for a guy. What’s the guy to girl ratio? Girl Seeking Guy A lot of users have the misconception that there’s way more of one sex than the other, but the facts show that it’s actually... Read On

Advice For Divorced Women

I often get questions from divorced women asking about online dating. Is it right for them? Is anyone out there looking to get involved with a divorcee? Should they just give up on love all together? Well, with an attitude like that, yes, you should. But if you are one of the divorced women in the ... Read On

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