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Online Dating For The Shy

Good news, shy guys (and girls!): Finding a date is about to get a whole lot easier for you. Being in the academic programs throughout school, I often found myself in classes along with the painfully shy. When teachers or fellow students would talk to them, they would clam up and turn three differen... Read On

The Dating Do’s And Dating Don’t’s

If you put effort into your online personals, you’re going to date. That’s how the online world works. But if you’re one of those who spends a lot of time dating online, then you may be a little rusty when it comes to dating in the real world. Everyone gets nervous before a first d... Read On

Starting Your Summer Fling

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a girl named Kate asking me what the best way to start a summer romance is. Since it’s that time of the year, I thought I’d share some insight with everybody on the easiest ways to start your summer fling off on the right foot. There are millions of pe... Read On

Attracting A Good Match

How do I know if the people I’m attracting online are a good fit for me? This question is the key reason honesty in online personals is crucial. When you’re trying to find a date online, it’s difficult to dig through the bad ones to find the good when you don’t exactly who is... Read On

Decoding Personal Ad Abbreviations

Why is someone telling me they are DDF? What is someone asking when they say ‘FWB?’? What is a SWF? I get questions like this all the time. If you’re reading messages that seem like they’re written in a different language and are missing a lot of vowels, you’re not alo... Read On

Ideas For Fun First Dates

Finally getting that first date through online personals is nerve-racking on its own, but then you have the challenge of actually going on the first date. What if the chemistry you have online doesn’t translate well to the real world? What do you do if there’s an awkward silence? Does s... Read On

Writing An Appealing XXX Personal Ad

There’s a lot of people posting adult personals who are looking for something simple like a quick hookup or an internet fuck. But how do you know what to include in your ad? Most dating websites only give you tips on how to write your average profile, but finding someone for sex through a pass... Read On

Safety In Online Dating

The question I get asked the most is “Is online dating safe?” The truth is, like everything else, online dating is as safe as you make it. We all have choices we make daily that protect our safety– some of us wear seat belts, some do not. Some drink the coffee before it cools, some... Read On

Dating After Divorce

Remember when you were 18 and had a hard time hitting on the cute girl in Science class? Well, now you’re 50, in a job where there are no single women, and are back in the dating world for the first time in over 20 years. Where do you start? What’s the first step in finding that connecti... Read On

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