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What To Do When They’re Not Who They Say They Are

I’ve been talking to the same guy online for about 5 months, and he’s just told me that the profile picture he has isn’t actually of him. With a deception like that, should I bother trusting him about anything else? We often stress the importance of choosing profile pictures here a... Read On

Should Nerds Hide In The Geek Closet Or Come Out?

I spend a lot of my time doing “geeky” things. World of Warcraft and things like that. Should I list this as one of my hobbies on my dating profile? Kevin Kevin, believe it or not World of Warcraft is one of the most recognized games around the world. You don’t get a level of recog... Read On

What’s Their Secret?

I know a girl who found her husband through the Internet, but I haven’t gotten a single date out of it. What is she doing differently than me? Like everything else in life, things just come easier to some than others. Internet dating is no different. Unfortunately for new users to online perso... Read On

How The Post Office Can Further Your Online Relationship

I’m not ready to meet the guy I have been talking to online yet, but I want to make things a little more intimate. Do you have any tips on what I can do to further the relationship without the use of webcams? Daxton Mississippi When people want to take their online relationship to the next lev... Read On

You’re Never Too Old For Online Dating

I’m pushing 50 right now, but I still find myself attracted to younger women. Is there harm in listing my age as 40 on my profile? -Feeling A Little Old If there’s one thing you should never do, it’s lie on online personals profile. Your initial interactions are essentially the fou... Read On

Check Your Baggage At The Homepage

The last online relationship I got into, the guy ended up being married. How do I know that if I try it again, it won’t happen twice? Slightly Jaded Well Jade, if you had that attitude towards any relationship, you wouldn’t get very far in your love life. It’s the bad relationships... Read On

Fix Your Clinger Problem

After years of having to get rid of clinger boyfriends, I’ve realized that I’ve become a clinger in the relationship I’m in. Is there any way to dig myself out of this hole I’m in? Ready To Let Go RTLG, becoming un-clung is a lot like rehab: The first step is admitting you ha... Read On

Profile Pictures: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I’ve been using online dating for a while but still haven’t posted a profile picture. What makes a good picture? Should it be just my face? I’m a little confused. Please help. -Not Exactly Photogenic Well NEP, there’s a lot of pros and cons to dating profile pictures. I think... Read On

Using The Internet To Make Long Distance Easier

I didn’t meet my boyfriend online, but we’re trying to do the long-distance thing right now, so it’s basically like we’re in an online relationship. Is there anything we can do online to make things easier besides e-mail? My phone bills are getting out of control. Lindsay in ... Read On

Dating Unplugged

I had a date go pretty bad last night. I met him on the internet so I thought he’d be internet savvy, but he was visibly offended when I checked my e-mail on my phone. What’s the deal? Michelle, 26, Michigan Well Michelle, he was probably offended because what you did was quite rude. Whe... Read On

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