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Looking Online While In A Relationship

Let’s say you have a pair of shoes that you’ve had for a really long time. You love those shoes and they do everything you need them to do, but that’s not going to stop you from doing some shoe shopping on the Internet for other pairs every now and then. If we do it with our every-essential footwear, why don’t we do it with our personals search? Is it so wrong to look at our other options online when we’re in a relationship?

In a short answer: Yes. When you’re looking for someone else online, you’re setting up the match you have now to get hurt. Even if you don’t intend in actually going out with any of the people you meet online, it’s still deceptive and, in most cases, people tend to think of it as a form of cheating. The reason people look online in the first place is because they want a change from what they currently have. If you’re browsing online dating sites, even if it’s not conscious, it’s because you want something different than what you do now.

Not only are you potentially hurting the person you’re currently with, but you’re getting the hopes up of everyone you talk to online. Most of the people on Internet dating sites are actively looking for a full time relationship. When you start talking to them with no intention of letting it go anywhere, you could be getting their hopes up for something they may know will never happen. If they get attached to you only to be blindsided with the news that you’re in a relationship, they won’t only be weary of you, but they will most likely lose faith in the entire online dating process.

If you’re in a relationship, leave well enough alone! Don’t go looking for something online if you already have it waiting for you at home.

Trust me, you don't want to get caught doing something you shouldn't online.

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