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BeautifulPeople Review


In this BeautifulPeople Review, I take an in depth look at one of the worst and most shallow takes on internet dating I have ever had the misfortune of trying. The thing that this new online dating site has that is different than all the other sites out there these days is that it bases your participation in the site on your physical attractiveness. In fact, if you’re not good looking enough, then other members can vote you off, and you don’t get to be part of the site. You heard right – even if you pay and do nothing wrong, you can get kicked off the site because the majority of other members don’t feel you live up to a superficial level of attractiveness. This isn’t something they keep secret and then spring on you – it’s their mandate! It’s to keep the “riff raff” as they call us out, so that the truly beautiful people can focus on what’s really important – keeping the subjectively good looking people isolated from we slugs, so they can matchmake and date in peace. Doesn’t that sound like a good place to start off a dating website? Of course it doesn’t



When you first go to the site’s home page, you’re brought face to face with this terrible idea. You’re told that you can create your free profile, and that over the following 48 hours, people will vote on your profile pic and that will determine whether or not you can be accepted by the site as a member. Remember how much you hated those snobby frat guys in the movie “Animal House” because they wouldn’t let fat or uncool guys into their fraternity? Remember how much more fun the Animal House frat was because they didn’t judge you based on your looks? That’s exactly the sense I got as I tried to find my best picture of myself and hope that the membership on the site deemed be aesthetically pleasing enough. The worst part is, you get to see the graph that tallies the votes as they come in about you. And watch, as I did, as the judgemental douches at the site begin deeming you acceptably hot, or too ugly to date in their pool of cool kids. I got to see my graph with four options, (“yes absolutely”, “hmmm ok”, “hmmmm not really”, and my favourite “no, absolutely not”) moving, and fortunately I got enough of the first two to deem me attractive! Wow, did I feel validated. Now I could spend my time on the site, not looking for dates like on most dating sites, but judging other new member possibilities! Oh, the power I felt giving people a “no, absolutely not” vote. Actually, I never voted on another person’s qualifications to get on the site – instead I tried to actually meet someone to have a date with. I did vote for one insanely hot woman, but I was the jerk who gave her a “no absolutely not” vote. Just so she didn’t go through life thinking everyone believes she is hot.



I took a look around the site with my free membership, and saw that it had a few good features. However, to use all their features you have to upgrade to their paid membership fee (see below). Once you’ve upgraded you get access to an email feature, instant messaging capabilities, Voice/Video Chatting, Online Board Comments and Group Discussion Boards. Can you imagine how stimulating the conversations and online discussions between these self-deluded conceited beautiful people must be? I ignored all that stuff and went straight to the search pages to see if I could find any quality people in and amongst this sea of shallowness and judging. I have to admit that the women on this site are very beautiful. Unfortunately, very few of them had a profile that intrigued me beyond their attractiveness. Don’t get me wrong – a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but once you’ve marvelled at their genetic good luck, there has to be something else if a real relationship possibility can blossom.




beautiful-people-scamThe drawbacks to this site are so numerous it’s crazy. As you can tell, the biggest problem with the site is that you might not actually be allowed to use it if their members don’t think you’re good looking enough. It’s like high school and if you’re not part of the popular group, you’re an outcast. Well, I left high school a long time ago, and don’t want that sort of mentality anywhere near me anymore. I prefer to judge someone based on actual compatibility when I’m online dating, because that’s the thing that lasts once the looks inevitably go. Second, the costs are way too high, especially considering the pretty limited features the site has. Also, they don’t have a mobile app to use, which is a disappointment for someone like me who wants to be able to use the site from his mobile phone. And lastly, the problem with the site is that recently they got hacked. Apparently a disgruntled ex employee put a virus in the system so that over 30,000 “ugly” people snuck through the voting system and were allowed in. While I commend this guy’s balls and efforts, knowing that a site can be hacked this way makes me uneasy about giving them my credit card information and personal info.


In conclusion, if you value good looks above everything in a romantic relationship, and enjoy judging others based on their appearance, then this site is perfect for you. You must also be willing to pay an outrageous amount for limited features, and be content knowing that the site can be hacked apparently quite easily. However, if you prefer to find other singles and date them based on actual compatibility as well as physical attractiveness, I suggest you avoid this site like the plague and use a site like FindLove. Over the entire month of using this site, I only went out on three first dates, and all three were total busts.