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EroticAffairs Review


EroticAffairs is a sex dating site that has the honour of boasting that it is the biggest in the world. By biggest in the world, they mean the largest amount of current members, which translates in to the most sex dating possibilities for people using the site to get some sweet casual sex. I was looking forward to using the site for the month and giving it my review, but was worried that it might have the same problems that a lot of the bigger dating sites I’ve reviewed in the past had. Namely, lots of profiles that were abandoned or fakes, or that if I had problems with the site, the customer service would take a long time to help, because they had so many problems to deal with.

Happily, I found that this site was excellent from the very start, and that they seemed very conscious about deleting empty or abandoned profiles. Plus, none of the profiles seemed fake – at least none of the ones I looked through and contacted. In fact, I got real responses from 95% of the women I emailed, and the five percent that never wrote back were the hottest and youngest women I contacted, so my guess is that they are real, but have an inbox filled with an overwhelming amount of interest from men just like me. As for the customer service concern, I never had any problems with the site that warranted needing their help. I did however, want information about their membership options, and they gave me a response the same day.


erotic-affairs-picStarting on the homepage, I loved using EroticAffairs a lot. The front page presented me with a splashy, gorgeous web design, and had a beautiful blonde girl in her black lingerie encouraging me to start the sign up process for my free membership. The best part was, that with each step of the profile creation, she would get more and more nude, finally ending up completely naked by the time I was done. Talk about erotic! It made an otherwise boring task into one that had my blood throbbing all over my body!

After finishing my free profile, I started looking through the search pages that the site matched me with. Page after page with fifty women on each – all of them local, lovely, and looking for casual sex. The site matched me with great women too – beautiful young college girls with bright eyes and dark thoughts. Sultry MILFs with experience and a desire to fill their nights with sweat and screams. And everyone in between. I don’t know why, but for some reason I was really into interracial sex over that month, so I focused my emails on those lovely women that had a different ethnicity to mine. Beautiful and buxom ebony goddesses and Asian foxes. Latina lovlies and Native American honeys. Don’t get me wrong – there were a few Caucasians sprinkled through the month too, and they were all hot to trot. In fact, I haven’t expanded my sexual horizons so much since I reviewed XXXConnect!



I discovered that the free membership only got me so much functionality at the site, and that to fully use their email feature (specifically to read responses from women I had contacted), I had to change to one of the two paid memberships the site had. Like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to see what exactly each membership gave me, so I contacted their customer service. That same day they sent me the specifics, and it breaks down like this: The Silver Membership gets you the basics. Namely, unlimited access to the site’s search pages, the site’s email feature, and the money back guarantee (get sex in 90 days or your money back). The Gold Membership (slightly more expensive) gets you all the Silver stuff, plus unlimited access to everything else the site has to offer. This includes the use of webcam chatting, the XXX porn theatre (streaming thousands of high quality, HD adult features), Members’ videos (sex videos uploaded by actual EroticAffairs members), as well as the group discussion boards and online forums. I chose the Gold membership, mostly because I enjoy webcam chatting with women before meeting up with them. This allows me to get a real-time look at them beforehand, and also usually involves a strip show to get the blood throbbing even harder. Here’s the pricing of each membership:



3 Day Trial1 Month3 Months
Silver Membership$1.95/per month$29.95/per month$19.98/per month
Gold Membership$1.95/per month$34.95/per month$23.32/per month


The one thing that could be seen as a drawback to the site (although in many ways I see it as a benefit) is that there are so many members on the site it can be a little overwhelming, and result in a bit of a wait before you get responses from people. Because there are literally millions of people looking to get casual sex together, often times the hottest women on the site find their inbox filled with so many inquiries looking for sex that they can’t respond to them all right away. Those are the perfect tens on the site. For quicker responses, simply email the eights and nines (which is still pretty hot, on a scale from 1-10). I found that I’d get responses from 7s the same night! And sex with a 7/10 is still a great time! In fact, they put a little more effort in than the 10s do!



Over the month, I emailed 76 women, and got responses from 69 of them. Of the 69, I set up sex dates with 40 of them (a new record for me!). Yes, that is more than one sex date a day, but hey – that’s what weekends are for! Of the 40, I’d say the women break down like this (on a scale of 1-10, with a 10 being a perfect female sex pot – think of Scarlett Johansson):

10s: 2

9s: 9

8s: 19

7′s: 8

6s: 2

The two “sixes” I had sex dates with were still very cute, and VERY kinky. Like I mentioned earlier, often times the less attractive a woman is, the more likely she is to be a hellcat in bed. This isn’t always the case, because I’ve had incredible sex with insanely hot women, and terrible, boring sex with average looking ladies. EroticAffairs, you are the best!