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Since I created OnlinePersonalsFAQ and started writing these reviews, I’ve found that there’s nothing I love more than when I hear word that a site is a scam. It’s like having my own personal mystery to solve! A site will be called a scam for one of two reasons by the online community. One, it’s actually a scam, like the scam sites I talk about on here. Or two, the guys crying “scam” are just dudes who can’t get laid and therefore just say the the site is a scam to make themselves feel better. With every new site that shows up online, I hear cries of “scam, scam”, like a crow trying to warn me about something (except that crows know nothing about online adult dating and so I’m sure as hell not gonna listen to them). This time around I will be investigating The Mysterious Case of the HookupCloud.com Scam.

Finding out whether a site is a real scam or not involves a lot of the same stuff my regular reviews involve: joining the site, checking out every aspect of it, and testing it out to see if I can get laid. So, that’s exactly what I did with my investigation into whether HookupCloud is a scam or legit. So, is HookupCloud a scam? Let’s just put it out there right now: HookupCloud.com is NOT a scam. HookupCloud is completely legit and I know this because I used it to get laid literally LAST NIGHT. I also used it a few times before that, but I wanted to make sure I got a few good, easy lays under my belt before writing this review. You know… for research.


HookupCloud.com lays it all out on the line right from the beginning. The HookupCloud homepage has a number of real member photos (I even looked up the members after joining to confirm that they were indeed real members) and real member testimonials. Scam sites always use photos of fake members on the front page to mislead you. The fact that they didn’t do this is a pretty good indicator that HookupCloud is not a scam.

HookupCloud is super easy to join and has a really user-friendly website. It is not hard to find and use any of the features on the site, and they have really great features too!

The really important thing about HookupCloud is that it’s a site all about sex. Sometimes you join these sites and they’re full of girls who say they want sex but they’re really looking to lock you down in a relationship. So far, my experience on HookupCloud has had none of that. So, not only is HookupCloud a legit website, but HookupCloud is a legit sex hookup site. No joke.


HookupCloud has TONS of features that make it easier to get laid in a bunch of ways. For example, right on the main page after you log in, you can see things like, members who have looked at your profile, members who are online now, and newest members, to name a few. These are all super helpful, depending on what kind of hookup you’re looking for. New members are often really eager to meet someone, members who are currently online are great for arranging fast hookups, and, obviously, members who have been looking at your profile are already at least somewhat attracted to you and interested. But their search page is really thorough too. You can search for ladies (or dudes, I don’t judge) with as many or as few perimeters as you want. You can do a big search for all the women in your city, or search for more specific women. You can choose age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, body type, ethnicity, and a bunch of other things! You can even search for words people have used in their profiles, like “threesome”, heh heh heh.

Also, the members on HookupCloud are NOT afraid to show you what they got. So many of the profile pictures you’ll see on the site are explicit, which is a nice perk. There’s also an area for webcam shows and let me tell you, there are some kinky girls on there who are into exhibitionism (that means they like to be watched). AND there’s sexy chat rooms and discussion boards where everyone lets their dirty little minds let loose.


3 Day Trial1 Month3 Months
Silver Membership$1.95/per month$29.95/per month$19.98/per month
Gold Membership$1.95/per month$34.95/per month$23.32/per month

There are a few pricing options that you can choose from. Fist of all, it’s completely free to sign up and check out the site. As I said, HookupCloud is legit and it’s got nothing to hide, so they have no reason to try to make you pay up front before you know what the site can offer. There is also a trial membership, in case you’re not convinced that HookupCloud is legit. There are also two levels of membership: Silver and Gold. I opted to go right for the gold, so maybe that made a difference when it comes to the success I’ve had on the site. The guys who think there’s a HookupCloud.com scam probably just logged on one time and never upgraded and then wondered why they couldn’t get laid. To be clear, you will need to upgrade in order to send messages, but it is SO SO SO worth it. If you could see the girls I’ve gotten together with, you would understand that that is chump change. Seriously, you’d spend more than the monthly fee on just one night out at the bar and you might not even get laid that way!


So far I’ve been able to use HookupCloud to find sex six times and it’s only been two weeks. It’s definitely moving into the regular rotation of my hookup sites. You gotta love sites where you barely have to try. I mean, I just log on and usually there’s already messages waiting for me. I basically have my pick of the litter, if you know what I mean. I also love using the app on my phone so that I can see members who are close me. Sometimes I’m just lazy, you know? I love finding a hot girl that’s only a few minutes away from my apartment.

So, is HookupCloud.com a scam? No way, Jose! Hookupcloud is legit as they come, and I should know. I’ve used those scam sites out there, and they are NOTHING like this. Conclusion: if you’re looking for sex, and you’re looking to get it easily and quickly, HookupCloud is a great choice.