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UBangWithFriends Review

UBangWithFriends Review

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Editor Rating: 3.7

UBangWithFriends Review


In this UBangWithFriends Review, I give one of the newest, slickest, and most anticipated sex dating sites a spin for thirty days. It’s always a thrill to do an adult dating website review, since it generally means I’m going to be getting a steady supply of casual sex, but when it’s a new site, that brings with it a bunch of unique bonuses. Usually when I try out a sex dating site that has been around a while, there are a bunch of abandoned profiles. It’s just the nature of the beast. People use the site for a while, and then move on. But their profile stays up, and it means that at least some of the women I email for sex dating aren’t there anymore, and it’s just wasted time and effort. But with a new site like UBangWithFriends, you know that isn’t going to be the case. Everyone on there is one there, and they all want one thing: hot sex with strangers!


The first thing you’re struck by when you go to UBangWithFriends is the excellent front page. This site obviously has some money and thought behind it, and the designers have not disappointed. The free membership process is quick and easy, and only took me about ten minutes to get through. I would suggest to anyone getting their own membership on the site that you fill in your answers honestly and thoroughly. After all, the site’s matchmaking is going to be based on your information, so if you’re looking for interracial threesomes with a BDSM flavour to them, let the system know. You don’t have to be ashamed – we all enjoy something different! Once my free membership was finished, the site brought me to my individualized search page where the women who lived in my area and were compatible with my sexual proclivities were displayed in all their glory. Since it’s a sex dating site, you can imagine how racy and erotic some of these ladies’ profile pics are! I began going through the most attractive women’s profiles first of course, and the site did a good job at matching me up with compatible people. In fact, going through the ladies’ profiles was really erotic in and of itself, since all their sexual fetishes and turn ons are on full display. It’s a very refreshing thing to know right off the bat that a girl is just as kinky and depraved as you are. Saves time otherwise spent on testing waters to see if they’re ready to know you enjoy pushing those sexual boundaries!


This site is filled with amazing features if you get the Gold Membership. To use this site effectively, you have to upgrade your membership to either the silver or gold membership (because you can send emails to other members with the free membership, but can’t read their replies). Since they both run about the same price (as you’ll see in the next section), I went for the gold membership. With the silver membership you get the basics you’ll need, namely the full functionality of the email feature, the search pages, and the site’s money back guarantee (you get laid in 90 days or a full refund!). With the gold membership you get all the silver members’ features plus everything else the site has to offer. This includes the ability to web chat with other members, unlimited access to the thousands of free XXX movies the site allows you to stream, and the discussion boards and forums on the site. There you can interact with others online and chat about whatever topics tickle your fancy. In fact, there’s probably a forum dedicated to tickling. Lastly, you get access to the site’s best extra feature: the members’ videos section. This is where actual UBangWithFriends members upload sexy videos of themselves. Some are strip teases or masturbation videos, and others upload hardcore amateur sex videos of themselves and their lovers. I spent a lot of time here, and it was a great place to find women when I didn’t want to use the search pages. There are also pages where the site posts interesting dating articles. These are very handy for the first time sex dater, and experiences adult dating site user alike. Tips and ideas abound!


3 Day Trial1 Month3 Months
Silver Membership$1.95/per month$29.95/per month$19.98/per month
Gold Membership$1.95/per month$34.95/per month$23.32/per month

As you can see, the prices for the gold and silver are almost the same, and since you get the whole enchilada if you get the gold, I recommend throwing in the few extra bucks. It still comes in way less than just one night buying drinks for women at the bar!


The only drawback to UBangWithFriends is its relative newness. Because it hasn’t been around as long as a more popular sex dating site like Fuck, it doesn’t have as many members yet. That said, it does still have thousands of members already. More than enough to get you laid as much as you want in whatever city you live in. Plus, as it gets more and more popular, the membership will explode. And the people that were online using the site in the beginning can enjoy meeting and sex dating all the new members as they flood in. My advice is to get online at UBangWithFriends early. It’s like getting in on the ground floor of a business that is about to go public.



I use the site every day, at an average of half an hour each time. Over the month I sent out 122 emails to different women, and got replies from 96 of them. Of those 96, I set up sex dates with 25 of them, all of which were great successes. You could easily have a sex date with a different woman every night of the year with minimal effort using this site. Seven of the 25 sex dates were particularly insane because they were with women who share my interest in advanced BDSM behaviour. If you’ve got a kink you want to explore, this is the place to meet those like-minded partners! This site is great, and will only get better as it gets more popular!