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XXXConnect Review



XXXConnect is a new adult dating site that has ambitions to be the biggest and best sex dating resource out there. From the looks of how much money has been spent making this site look slick as hell, as well as the super sexy models they’ve hired to be the eye candy all over the site, you can tell they’re serious about getting people to try, and ultimately stay at this new place to find people for casual sex dates. As a huge fan of commitment free sex, I was happy to give XXXConnect a try for a month, and give it one of it’s first really thorough reviews. Hopefully this will help all of you lovely readers, when you’re researching whether or not XXXConnect is worth your time and money. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy reading through my whole reviews, because they want the summary right away. For those people, let me say this: XXXConnect is an amazing sex dating site that I recommend whole heartedly!



xxx-connect-picThe first thing that I really appreciated about this site is the insane amount of high quality eye candy there is just taunting you to get your free initial membership under way. Particularly the blonde whose pic I’ve attached to this review, and who you can see on the left there. That’s an attractive lady. Anyway, after about fifteen minutes, my free membership was done, and I had told the site everything they felt they needed to know to hook me up with all the horny ladies in my area looking for some hot casual sex. Sometimes, in other sites I’ve tried, the information the sites want can be far too extensive, and by the time you’re done filling out all their forms, you’re almost too tired of the tediousness of the process, you’re about ready to give up on the whole thing. Other sites have a too simple a profile information gathering process, and they just base their matches on whether or not the woman is in your area. XXXConnect was the perfect amount where it was a quick and easy process, but there was enough information to ensure that the matches their algorithm brought to me on the search page were just my cup of tea. In particular, for this month’s review, I was determined to find a woman that was willing to some extreme BDSM in the dungeon I’ve recently built in my basement. It’s not a full-on dungeon yet, as I plan to add to it incrementally, but there are some sweet toys down there for the right lady and I to have fun with!



Once the free membership process was done, I started emailing the gorgeous local women on the search results page that came up. Some of these foxes were unbelievably hot, and were looking for guys just like me to deliver some hot nights of casual sex. Some were actually online as I was emailing them, and started sending me responses back right away. This was great, since most established sex dating sites have a majority of men on them, so it can sometimes be a while before the women get through all the emails they get, and respond to you. Since XXXConnect is new, there isn’t this problem yet. A major bonus – instant contact! However, XXXConnect informed me that to utilize their full email functionality, I had to upgrade from my free profile to either the Silver or Gold Membership options. Here’s the pricing breakdown, and what each membership gets you:


3 Day Trial1 Month3 Months
Silver Membership$1.95/per month$29.95/per month$19.98/per month
Gold Membership$1.95/per month$34.95/per month$23.32/per month

The Silver Membership Gets You Unlimited Access to:

  • Email feature
  • Search feature
  • 3-Month Get Laid or Your Money Back Guarantee

The Gold Membership Gets You Unlimited Access to:

  • All the Silver Membership features
  • Webcam feature
  • XXXConnect’s Adult Movies Section (thousands of full length XXX films)
  • XXXConnect’s Members’ Uploaded Movies Section (thousands of amateur sex films uploaded by actual members!!! HOT!)
  • Group Discussion Boards
  • Online Forums

I took a look at the pricing guide, and since the silver membership was so basic, and the gold membership was only a few dollars more, I went with the month long gold membership. And boy was I glad I did!!!

Right away I started reading the return emails, and there were some really hot women looking to hook up that week. In fact there was one woman that wanted to hook up that very night. She was blonde, young, fit, tight, and ready for action. I happily invited her over to my house. She wasn’t into BDSM, according to her profile, but we still had an amazing night of hot sex. In fact, over the whole month, I had 22 sex dates, all of which were fun and fantastic. I did get together with one woman that was REALLY into BDSM, so I took her down to the dungeon, and we had a night I’ll never forget. Mostly because she and I ended up with some marks that will be with us forever. Memory marks…


xxx-connect-scamBecause the site is relatively new, the membership isn’t as huge as some of the other big sites out there, but in a lot of ways, that is an advantage too. There aren’t any abandoned or fake profiles, and like I said earlier, it means the girls get back to you sooner. And, even though the membership isn’t as big as it will be in say a year, there are still a TON of women on there already. Guys too. I got 22 dates in the month, so that should give you an idea of how easy it is to get as much action as you want!


I loved using this site for the month. The fact that it is the new kid on the sex dating block brings with it a ton of advantages, like I said. The prices are competitive, and if you do get one, I highly recommend the gold, because those members’ videos are out of this world! This is one to get in on now!