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Show Off Your Talents

What can you do to attract more people to your profile? This question has been asked a million times, and can have a million different answers. When writing your online personals, there’s many things you can do to attract more people to your page. Have an eye-catching profile picture, present your layout in a nice manner, tell men how much you love to cook and clean… Just kidding on the last one. But the most important thing you can do to attract people to your page is simply be interesting by highlighting your talents and assets.

When I tell that to my friends and clients, they often sit with a blank expression on their faces. ‘Talents? But I don’t have any talents,’ is my most common response. And to that I say nonsense! Everyone has talents. If you’ve ever had a date compliment you on your cooking or even the display the food was put on, those came from your talents.

Take the picture above. That’s actor Robert Pattinson. If you look at him from a non-objective stand point without knowing he was a great actor, you’d think he’s just an average looking man. The scruffy face, the slightly off-centered nose. He’s your average Joe. But tell girls that he’s great with a guitar and is in movies? They go crazy for him. It’s not because of his fame, it’s because of his talents.

Women and men both want to be with someone they can be proud of. You don’t have to be a guitar hero, but if you can do anything better than average, you should showcase that to attract the opposite sex. My first girlfriend and I got together after I saw her in a chess match at my high school. I couldn’t believe how gracefully and efficiently she played the game that most people looked upon as a toy. It was that showcase of her talents that first drew me to her.

When you’re writing a profile, try to include pictures of things you do well. Kayaking, cooking, musical instruments, anything! It will let people know off the bat that you not only have a passion for something, but that you’re good at something. People subconsciously find that the most attractive feature in a partner, and it will generate more interest to your dating profile.

If you’re going away next week for the long weekend, bring along your camera! Take some pictures in your canoe and profile yourself as the outdoorsy type. Everyone loves a camper!

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