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Home Fries & Sunny Side Up: Breakfast Dates

Eggs and bacon. In online personals, we’re constantly seeking new ways to impress our online dates, new places to take them, new experiences to wow them with – and why not a breakfast date? I want to go on a breakfast date. Even just with myself. Because breakfast is delicious. Pros: 1. ... Read On

Hit on Him Already

Dear women: sometimes you need to make the first move. Come on, now, seriously, are you telling me you are a confident, intelligent feminist, yet you can’t even hit on a man? That’s just whack. What’s the worse that can happen? He rejects you? And then what? Men have such a sway ov... Read On

The Five Universal Break-Up Rules

You know what? There are some standard rules we should all follow when it comes to breaking up with an ex. We all think each situation is special and unique and calls for something different – but it doesn’t. Each situation is unique, but they all call for basically the same thing. So, b... Read On

5 Things Women Should Tell Their Men

This round of online personals advice  is for the women, because I know you’re out there, and I know you’re reading. And guys, if you’re reading this and you do find that special someone through your online dating site soon, you should get her to read this. The following is a list... Read On

Depression Tendencies Linked to First Loves

Here’s a study that’s pretty important to the online personals world – relationships in early adulthood can reveal the first indications of depression, particularly in young women. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Maine has found that a young woman or man who &... Read On

The Five Best Sex Documentaries

Sex documentaries can be pretty cool and pretty sexy. From sex dolls to real women online personals to teen sex to adult dating, docs on the art of making love have covered a wide, wonderful and wild range of topics. Here’s the five best ever made: 1. “The Big O” This movie follows... Read On