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Picking A Proper Username

There’s two things people first see when looking at your online personals ad: Your picture and your username. Most people put a ton of thought into their profile picture and completely ignore their username, but you should know that it’s just important. In a survey done by UCLA by users ... Read On

The Dating Do’s And Dating Don’t’s

If you put effort into your online personals, you’re going to date. That’s how the online world works. But if you’re one of those who spends a lot of time dating online, then you may be a little rusty when it comes to dating in the real world. Everyone gets nervous before a first d... Read On

Reading Between The Lines

When you’re trying to sell your care, you only want to let everyone know about the benefits of it. The fact that the interior is clean and in perfect condition, that there’s 4 cup holders and not the average 3, and that the horn is no of the loudest on the road. You wouldn’t want t... Read On


With today’s technology, there are countless ways to start a relationship without ever having to meet the other person. You can have simple telephone conversations, online talks, and even web cam chats. You can start, build onto, and seal a committed relationship without ever being in the same... Read On

Starting Your Summer Fling

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a girl named Kate asking me what the best way to start a summer romance is. Since it’s that time of the year, I thought I’d share some insight with everybody on the easiest ways to start your summer fling off on the right foot. There are millions of pe... Read On

Things You Should Keep Quiet

When you’re searching for your match, it’s easy to get a little carried way when you start sharing information about yourself. It’s natural to want to know everything about them, and to want to share everything in return, but you have to remember that this is someone you don’... Read On

Online Body Language

My friend told me yesterday that my e-mails always seem hostile. I’m not trying to do that! How do I know if I come across like that when I’m dating online? Well my friend, that could pose as a problem. It’s hard to get tone across on the internet since people can perceive words on... Read On

Internet And The Single Parent

Starting your online personals adventure can be intimidating enough as is, but when you add in the single parent factor, it turns into a whole new ball game. When you’re first entering the online dating world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. How much of my time is this going to take up? Wh... Read On

Show Off Your Talents

What can you do to attract more people to your profile? This question has been asked a million times, and can have a million different answers. When writing your online personals, there’s many things you can do to attract more people to your page. Have an eye-catching profile picture, present ... Read On

He’s Just Not That Into You

How do I know if he’s as into this as I am? If you have to ask, the harsh truth is that he’s probably not. It’s natural for people to feel insecure when dating, let alone dating online when the other party isn’t around so you can assess their body language, but people are bor... Read On

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