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Dating Mistakes That Make Women Go From ‘Keeper’ To ‘Creeper’



Considering I have been providing resolutions for dating questions women seek answers to for a few years now, I am still left dumbfounded by common dating mistakes are made time and time again in this day and age.

I find that there is one problem women go through time and time again and that is trying to make sure a casual relationship turns into a serious relationship.  It doesn’t matter how many times they have failed in the past, a lot of women (not all, mind you) don’t seem to learn from their mistakes in the past and are more than willing to make the same ones for the false sense of security short-term sexual bliss brings.

I know a lot of the ladies think that most men are dicks and are just looking to get laid and although this may be true for a lot of guys out there, what women fail to recognize is that it’s not the guy who determines whether a girl they are dating is just a casual booty call or wifey material, it’s THEM!

Women always bitch about how they are never in control, but guess what ladies, you are! You have the power to keep us or drive us away. Every relationship starts out casually. Do you think majority of men in long-term relationships were actually seeking them when they found them? If so, then you would be wrong and if you hear from a guy you’re casually seeing for a few weeks or few months that he’s still not looking for something serious, then he has already come to the conclusion that you are not a keeper.

In order to not go from “keeper” to “creeper,” there are things women should avoid saying early on in a casual relationship because if you do, you will regret it sooner or later.

Dating Mistake #1: “I Can’t Sleep With You On The First Date.”

When women say this, they may think they are finally taking the necessary steps to build a long-term relationship, but sadly, it does the opposite. When you say this to a guy, this is what a guy hears: “I have slept with a lot of guys on the first date and will probably sleep with you on the second.” I know it may seem like this is the right thing to say in order to get a guy to chase you further, but this move only works in sappy romantic comedies that are written by women.

*SOLUTION: Just DON’T sleep with on the first date. Easy peasy.

Dating Mistake #2: “Can I Take A Pic of You?”

Until you are in an official relationship, a guy doesn’t want you to have photographic evidence of the fact that you two are hooking up. When a guy hears this while casually dating a girl, they know you want to post it on their FB, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ pages and/or show your girlfriends which is basically the social media way of branding someone like they were livestock.

*SOLUTION: Send him pretty pics of yourself. Give him the option to show you off instead.

Dating Mistake#3: “I’d Really Like To Meet Your Friends.”

It’s true: a man is not really serious about a girl he is dating until the day he decides to introduce her to his boys. However, we also know you know that fact as well and we know when you bring this up, what you are really trying to say is, “I want everyone to know I’m your girlfriend. Hurry the f*ck up and show me off, already.” There’s no bigger turn off than a passive aggressive woman demanding to be in a relationship. If a man wants you to meet his friends, don’t worry he will let you know.

*SOLUTION: Invite him to a casual social gathering/party where your own friends will be at instead.

Dating Mistake #4: “Well, can’t you blow them off? I really want to see you.”

This is an extension of number three. Guys don’t only value their buddies’ opinions, they also value their company on a regular basis. When you ask a guy to blow off hanging with his close friends he has known for years before he even met you, then you are already showing signs that you are co-dependent and truth be told, a guy’s friends are friends for life, so respect his friendships because they will be in his life regardless.

*SOLUTION: Send him a pic with you wearing lingerie with a text saying “Wish you were here” when he’s out with his buddies. Trust me, he will wish he was there instead too.

Dating Mistake #5: “Do you miss me?”

Say or text these four words to the guy you just started dating, he will go from thinking you are a sexy woman to a needy and an insecure girl looking for validation.

SOLUTION: Just like the “L” word, let him be the first one to say this. Make him miss you by living your life the way you would if he wasn’t around. 

Dating Mistake #6: “Can you please sleepover?”

If you are casually seeing each other, you need to assume that he will not be staying overnight. Sleepovers are for when we feel more comfortable with you. If we sleepover, we know this is a big deal for you. We don’t want to send mixed messages and want to sleepover when we feel like the time is right. Sleeping beside someone is far more intimate than the act of sex after all. So when you beg for us to sleepover, it will make us flee faster than a Kardashian can release another reality show.

SOLUTION: Tell him if he chooses to sleep over, you can offer him the 3B’s–Back rubs, Blowjobs and breakfast in bed in the morning. Give him some incentive. ;)

Dating Mistake #7: ” I told my girls you were the best I’ve ever had.”

This may come to a shock to some of you gals, but guys don’t really blab about the details of their sex lives to their buddies. Sure, we may from time to time admit that we actually had sex with a girl, but we rarely talk explicitly about the sex we are having with a girl–especially if we care her. Also, any guy that does is most likely lying. We understand that women are different and although we know you talk, we don’t want to hear about it. Put yourselves in our shoes for a second. How would you like it if we said we told our friends that you suck d*ck like a pornstar? Yeah…doesn’t feel too good, does it?

SOLUTION: Don’t repeat what you say to your girls about your man period.

Dating Mistake #8: “Where Is This Going?”

This is the kiss of death. If you have to ask where your relationship is going when you haven’t even established one in the first place then you can pretty much guarantee you won’t be in one. Most times, relationships for men at least just evolve organically. We don’t make a declaration of being exclusive, it just happens. The day we put our cell phones out in plain view and don’t get scared if you go through it is the day we want to be with you and only you.

SOLUTION: Go with the flow. Enjoy his company and take it easy and then it will be clear where you’re going.

Avoid saying these phrases and you will be surprised as to how easy it is to actually go from casual dating to a long-term relationship. Enjoy dating and when you don’t things too seriously, you will get him to take YOU seriously.

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  1. April 29, 2013, 1:29 pm

    Great tips!! It’s true … no need to manipulate or maneuver to get what you want … things happen when they are supposed to and if they don’t happen in due time, well then you have your answer!!

  2. Marrie says
    April 29, 2013, 4:37 pm

    OMG #4 is awesome! Couldn’t come up with a better solution than that to get him to come over! LOL!

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