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Bad Dates– To Ditch Or Not To Ditch?

When you try and transfer the chemistry you have online to a live date, it’s not uncommon for things to fizzle. There’s a lot of pressure on that first meeting and when things don’t go according to plan, people have the tendency to want to leave and save what’s left of their ... Read On

What Men Notice First

When I’m choosing my profile picture, what should I pick? Something that looks fun, or something that looks sexy? Is there anything guys notice first that I should showcase? Thanks, Katie McQuillin I’ve addressed things you should include in your profile picture in the past, but I’... Read On

Easiest Ways To Ditch A Date

One of the risks you’re taking when you answer online personals is that you never really know what you’re getting. Sure they have photos, but a majority of the time they’re either heavily edited or of someone completely different than the person you’ve been talking to. Admit ... Read On

How To Use Bedroom Eyes On Your Profile

Everyone has that little bedroom eyes trick they do when they want to subtly tell someone they want to get it on. You know what I’m talking about. The head slightly tilted down, you slightly looking up, eyelashes batting a little more often than usual.. Everyone has a way of doing it. It’... Read On

The Dating Do’s And Dating Don’t’s

If you put effort into your online personals, you’re going to date. That’s how the online world works. But if you’re one of those who spends a lot of time dating online, then you may be a little rusty when it comes to dating in the real world. Everyone gets nervous before a first d... Read On

Reading Between The Lines

When you’re trying to sell your care, you only want to let everyone know about the benefits of it. The fact that the interior is clean and in perfect condition, that there’s 4 cup holders and not the average 3, and that the horn is no of the loudest on the road. You wouldn’t want t... Read On

Remember To KISS

When people are filling out adult personals, they usually have a few questions they want answered from the people responding. Where they’re from, what they do, why they’re looking for love online, the works. What they’re NOT looking for is to get a novel from someone. Ever wonder w... Read On

Dating After Divorce

Remember when you were 18 and had a hard time hitting on the cute girl in Science class? Well, now you’re 50, in a job where there are no single women, and are back in the dating world for the first time in over 20 years. Where do you start? What’s the first step in finding that connecti... Read On

Male Attachment and Traditional Gender Roles

There have been a slew of online personals studies suggesting men fall harder, fall deeper and fall faster than chickies do. Most women (and men) who have had at least one long-term relationship will not at all be surprised by these findings. Speaking from personal experience, upon reviewing both my... Read On

Home Fries & Sunny Side Up: Breakfast Dates

Eggs and bacon. In online personals, we’re constantly seeking new ways to impress our online dates, new places to take them, new experiences to wow them with – and why not a breakfast date? I want to go on a breakfast date. Even just with myself. Because breakfast is delicious. Pros: 1. ... Read On

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