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How To Avoid Getting Scammed Out Of Money On Dating Sites

How To Avoid Getting Scammed Out Of Money On Dating Sites

How To Avoid Getting Scammed Out Of Money On Dating Sites According to an online dating infographic, scams from dating sites had gone up over 150 percent in 2011.  That is an alarming number and the amount of incidents have only gone up. Let’s take for example the poor woman from Laval, Quebe... Read On


How Google And FaceBook Can Reveal That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

  According to an online dating study, 30 percent of affairs started from online and email interactions and now in 2013 the numbers have doubled and do you want to know why that is? It’s because more and more people are becoming more well-versed with how to hide their inappropriate interactio... Read On


New Online Dating Survival Rules Guide

Hey all! Jimmy Jacob here! Remember when online dating was only for the desperate and the ugly?  Ten years ago, online dating was considered taboo and now anyone who is single (and married in some cases) with a smartphone is using dating sites as openly and as frequently as they check their FaceBoo... Read On


Why More Women Should Be Using Paid Online Dating Sites

  Hey all! Jimmy here.   Today I wanted to talk about online dating practices and tactics that I find a lot of women ignore.  Last week, my girlfriend Sabrina had yet another “whine and wine” girls night in at our apartment. Even though I was told to be on my best behavior, (becau... Read On

How Your FaceBook Profile May Be Hurting Your Sex And Love Life

    The online dating site Match.com recently conducted an interesting digital dating survey and found out that over 48 percent of single women research their partner on FaceBook, whereas 49 percent of single men avoid researching their dates because they find it to be unacceptable. Now th... Read On


Random Blind Dates Are On The Rise With The Help Of Popular Dating Apps

It’s 2013 and online dating is no longer taboo. One of the only taboo things about online dating is the idea of paying for it. Many adult dating sites claim that romantic chemistry is a science and up until now, we have lived that way and going out of our way to make sure we fill out lengthy a... Read On

Online Dating Stats And Facts

We here at OnlinePersonalsFAQ will be the first to tell you that your best bet at finding love is also the easiest way to find it: By looking online. Online dating popularity started rising from the time it debut over a decade ago, and it continues to make it’s way to the top date-getting meth... Read On

Why Relationships Go Downhill

Almost everyone in the world has the same question after a break up: “Why?” When you have a ton of small problems, how do you clear the smoke enough to pinpoint the main reason for the breakup? Whether you’ve gone on one date, you were married, or you married someone you thought wa... Read On

Kan Inkorrect Internet Lingo B Bad 4 UR Game?

When people reply to text messages, they often use text message language. Things like ‘ur’ instead of ‘your’ and ’2nite’ instead of ‘tonight’ may save you time, but what can they do to your dating life? Although most people think that vocabulary won... Read On

Which Race Are You Most Compatible With?

We get a lot of questions from people who are interested in going on an Read On