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7 Ways An Emotionally Challenged Man Shows That He Cares

Being notoriously known as an emotionally unavailable man for most of my adult life, I can honestly say that elusive men like ourselves get a horrible reputation for being soulless, vindictive and spineless bastards whose only real function in this world is to remind women of attractive and fictiona... Read On


How To Make Any Guy Fall For You Offline On The First Date

In this day and age, the dating world has changed. Instead of just providing solid dating advice on approaching singles in your city, now I provide online dating reviews because it seems like more and more people are meeting on dating sites. Now this might sound like music to anyone’s ears bec... Read On


This Is For The Lover In You: A Guaranteed Valentine’s Day Panty Droppers Playlist

Hey y’all! Jimmy Jacob here and if you know me, you know that I’m a huge soul aficionado and although my buddies make fun of me daily for my taste of music, they all come running to me when it’s this time of year because on Valentine’s Day, the only music that can truly guara... Read On

How Your FaceBook Profile May Be Hurting Your Sex And Love Life

    The online dating site Match.com recently conducted an interesting digital dating survey and found out that over 48 percent of single women research their partner on FaceBook, whereas 49 percent of single men avoid researching their dates because they find it to be unacceptable. Now th... Read On


How To Preserve Your Relationship So It Doesn’t Curdle Past The Expiration Date

  When it comes to good relationships, many people have different analogies for describe them. To some people, good relationships are like flowers, birds or a Breaking Bad marathon.  However, for me a good relationship is like canned goods. I know what you’re thinking: ‘How unattra... Read On

Music To Soothe The Not So Savage Beast

All the work has been done. The online dating site, the chatting, the phone calls, the first meeting and the successful subsequent dates. Now it’s time for the first sexual encounter with the lady, and it’s time to set the scene. First of all, get things neat and clean. Hire a cleaning service i... Read On

Online Dating Stats And Facts

We here at OnlinePersonalsFAQ will be the first to tell you that your best bet at finding love is also the easiest way to find it: By looking online. Online dating popularity started rising from the time it debut over a decade ago, and it continues to make it’s way to the top date-getting meth... Read On

Is It Too Late To Have Your Summer Fling?

Now that the summer is winding down, I get a lot of questions from people concerned that they’ve missed the boat on summer romances. Well singles, I have good news for you! Not only did you miss the boat, but you’ve gotten to the dock at the best possible time. Labour day is the perfect ... Read On

Celebrities In Online Relationships

It seems like every week I get messages like the following: Is there any way to keep my identity anonymous while using internet dating sites? ‘Carroll’ There’s no shame in online dating! Over 30% of everybody in America has signed up for some form of dating service online before, a... Read On

Just The Facts

I often compare online dating to the show Dexter. Either you’ve heard of it and you’ve never watched it, or you’ve watched it and you’ve loved it. There are very few people who have watched it and disliked it. That’s how people tend to look at online personals. You have... Read On

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