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Using The Internet To Make Long Distance Easier

I didn’t meet my boyfriend online, but we’re trying to do the long-distance thing right now, so it’s basically like we’re in an online relationship. Is there anything we can do online to make things easier besides e-mail? My phone bills are getting out of control. Lindsay in ... Read On

Dating Unplugged

I had a date go pretty bad last night. I met him on the internet so I thought he’d be internet savvy, but he was visibly offended when I checked my e-mail on my phone. What’s the deal? Michelle, 26, Michigan Well Michelle, he was probably offended because what you did was quite rude. Whe... Read On

Dating Out Of Your League

Let’s say I’m a 6. Is there any way a 9 would date me? Feeling Out Of My League Well Feeling Out Of My League, I have good news for everyone who thinks they shouldn’t talking to Person X because they’re out of your league: There’s no such thing. People are so harsh on t... Read On

Should You Tell Your Online Date That You’re Dating Others As Well?

I’ve been getting to know a woman online for a few months now, but I’ve still been exploring my options. Should I let her know that I’ve been talking to other people online as well, or is that not necessary? Paul Detroit, Michigan Well Paul, the joy of online dating is that you do ... Read On

Don’t Engage In These Bad Relationship Habits

When you’re moving on from the online stage of your relationship to face-time, it’s easy to already be comfortable with the person you’ve been talking to, so they slip into relationship habits right away. What they don’t realize, is that a lot of those habits aren’t goo... Read On

Online Dating Success Story

Here at Online Personals FAQ, the e-mails we usually get in are questions about how to navigate online personals and the apprehensions that come along with it. This morning we were glad to open our inbox to a lovely e-mail from a frequent reader named Mary who has given us permission to share her su... Read On

Celebrities In Online Relationships

It seems like every week I get messages like the following: Is there any way to keep my identity anonymous while using internet dating sites? ‘Carroll’ There’s no shame in online dating! Over 30% of everybody in America has signed up for some form of dating service online before, a... Read On

How Important Are Pictures In Online Dating?

Is there any way I could sign up for a dating site without having to show my face? I’d much rather try online dating discretely. First Time Dater Well FTD, there’s no rules in online dating sites that make it mandatory for you to post a profile picture, but you’re going to have a h... Read On

Why 30-Year-Olds Are Your Best Bet In Online Dating

I’ve noticed that a lot of guys profiles are looking for women ‘between the ages of 18 and 49.’ That seems pretty broad. I’m 28, is there a certain age range I should be shooting for? Leah, Markham Well Leah, most online personals websites have a default age range of 18-49, s... Read On

Breakup Horror Stories

I just broke up with my boyfriend of three years and am about to start dating online for the first time. Wish me luck! Rachel Dallas, Texas Online datingis the best way to get back into the love game after a break up! You get to take things slow, talk to people who have the same interests as you, an... Read On

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