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How To Make Any Guy Fall For You Offline On The First Date



In this day and age, the dating world has changed. Instead of just providing solid dating advice on approaching singles in your city, now I provide online dating reviews because it seems like more and more people are meeting on dating sites.

Now this might sound like music to anyone’s ears because it seems like you can find a date as quick as you can click on your mouse, but in reality, the mass selection of dating profiles just makes dating that much more challenging and I definitely feel for the fairer sex when it comes to this department.

Sure, you can find an attractive guy on dating sites like OkCupid or Passionsearch.com, but it’s a lot harder to keep a guy’s attention on a coffee date when he knows he can have his pick of multiple girls in his inbox.  How do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make him want you more than anyone else he is chatting with online?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to look like a sexpot or dumb yourself down to attract a guy’s full attention.  I will share some personal dating tactics that my girlfriend pulled on me years ago that won me over. Now if you don’t know my story, you should know that Sabrina wasn’t my type at all and if you looked up “emotionally unavailable douchebag” in the urban dictionary, you would have seen a picture of me having a Coke and a smile planted right on my face.

So here are some dating tips you can use to make any guy you like fall for you:

1. Show Off Your Glowing Skin

If you want a guy to sleep with you, just show off your breasts, ass and legs. However, if you want a guy to crave you, show off your glowing skin.  Men are visual creatures. Sure we are drawn to your curves and your full package, but if you make a guy stare at your glowing and shimmery shoulders instead of wearing a shirt that would make him stare at your cleavage, believe me, he will find you intriguing.  My first date with Sabrina, she wasn’t wearing anything revealing. She just wore jeans and a turquoise colored top that slightly went off her shoulders that were glowing with mango-scented body butter and I couldn’t look away.   The trick is to focus on the little things. Don’t look like sex and you will attract more than sex.

2. Pick A Unique Scent

Men are attracted to perfume. It is an easy kryptonite with us. However, there are certain generic scents that a lot of women wear. You pick vanilla, lavender or any line of perfumes from celebrities and guaranteed you will be just as easily forgotten as Amanda Bynes’ sanity.  Scent is the number one indicator of memories.  When Sabrina and I first hooked up, she was wearing a scent called Neroli Jasmine and I have yet to smell that same perfume on any other woman. It is a scent that makes me instantly think of her and ONLY her. So pick something new and something that no one is wearing and guaranteed he will find it hard to forget you.

3. Show Off Your Goofy, Shy Side

I know I always spout out how confidence is key but when it comes to a first date, you don’t have to hide how nervous you are and you don’t have to disguise your real personality either to attract a guy. Remember, goofy and shy is completely different from flighty and ditzy. Don’t hide your red cheeks and if you are afraid of giving eye contact without looking away in a shy way, make sure you have some crazy mascara on to show off your long eyelashes.  The reason why I was initially attracted to Sabrina was that she had this crooked smile and would always pin her hair back when she was shy. It was alluring to me because she was attractive yet had no idea she was. So embrace your shy and goofy side and trust me, he will fall for it.

4. Poke Fun At Him

One thing that is attractive about a woman is her ability to take a joke and what’s even more attractive is if she can retort back in a clever, witty way. So if he makes fun of you (because we never grow up), throw it back in his face.  Sabrina has always made fun of me and that was one thing that attracted me to her more than the other handful of girls I was seeing. She wasn’t placating to my ego or falling for any of my many paint-by-number lines more gullible women have always fallen for. She was a challenge and that was extremely hot.

5. Surprise Him!

Now when I say “surprise him” I don’t mean say the L word on the first day. I mean do something or showcase something that makes you different than the rest of the women he has met before. For example, after my first date with my girlfriend, I had taken her back to my place for a nightcap. Instead of ripping off each other’s clothes, she instead ran right for my punching bag and told me she always wanted to learn how to punch someone. When I taught her, she pushed me back, hiked up her skirt and handed me a silver flask she had in her garter belt and started punching the bag in worst and cutest way. Maybe it’s just the Irish in me, but I knew right there that this was the woman for me.

6. Leave A Little Mystery

Although it might make for interesting conversation on a first date, don’t divulge every single embarrassing or sad detail from previous relationships. Don’t ask about ex-lovers or why the relationship didn’t work out. If you don’t know each other well, make sure to keep certain private details private. Make him earn those stories. Make him want more and he will keep coming back for more.

7. Play The Repeat Game

I’m going to give you lovely ladies some pointers. On my first date with Sabrina, she had told me about some game she had learned from one of her actor buddies. Apparently, there is an acting exercise that consists of two actors facing each other while they repeat their honest observations of one another, back and forth.  Sounds boring and unsexy I know, but you would be amazed by how hot the outcome can be if you tried this on a real-life date with someone. On our date, Sabrina started this by saying “You have abnormally long eyelashes for a man.” I rolled my eyes and I had to repeat “I have abnormally long eyelashes for a man.”  We had to repeat this back and forth until we thought of new observations. Needless to say, it got pretty sexual and provided great tension. Give it a go. Trust me, it’s a game he won’t forget.

8. Make The First Move……

Men are used to being the hunters. We live for the chase. ( I know I did.) But do you know what actually makes us take a step back? When you gals actually prey on us. I know a lot of women out there want to be chased, but most times, the thrill for guys is all in the chase and as soon as we’re done chasing you, we’re off to the next mark of prey. When you make the first move and go in for the kill, trust me, you will definitely be on his mind. I was a bonafide bachelor when I first brought Sabrina over to my place. I was thinking about all the fun possibilities of how to seduce her. I was looking forward to it. But then she surprised the hell out of me, by crossing the room, putting her fingers through my hair and kissing me. I will never forget that kiss and I’ve had a lot of first kisses and that was easily the most memorable for me.

9. ….But Let HIM Make The First Move To Contact You After

The first date really is the easy part. However, it’s the days after that make it harder and these days or hours are the most critical to getting a man to fall for you. For example, the first night I was with Sabrina, I told her straight up that I was not looking for anything serious and that I was too busy with my daily life to even think about having a girlfriend. She obliged and I thought for sure she was going to contact me the next day telling me how much she missed me like other overly zealous girls I have hooked up with in the past. Funny thing was, she didn’t. The next day went by and I still hadn’t heard from her. By the third day, I realized something….I missed her.  It was then, I made the first move and called her. By that point, she had me by the balls. In order to make a guy fall for you, you have to give him his freedom and that is when he will start missing you.

10. Be Yourself

Pretty generic but it’s really true. Sure you may make a guy fall for you when you’re clipping your hair with extensions and wearing double push up bras and pretending to like things you don’t just for the sake of conversation, but eventually that guy will see past the mirage if he is considering taking things further. Just be yourself and show off your quirky, different side and I guarantee you, he will make the effort to fall for you.

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  1. David Tran says
    April 17, 2013, 11:59 am

    Just like everything you post, this was a great read. I’ve done the “repeat game” or what I believe is the Meisner technique before, but im curious to try it with a female.

  2. April 17, 2013, 2:46 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE all these points and I completely agree. Each one is very real and easy to do. Great post … I think every woman should read this!!

  3. April 18, 2013, 11:57 am

    I love the perfume comment! I read somewhere that men like the scent of vanilla. Maybe reminds them of cookies baking?

  4. Marrie says
    April 29, 2013, 4:46 pm

    A signature scent is a FACT! Every woman should know and use it but so few do! All of your tips are right on target!

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