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7 Ways An Emotionally Challenged Man Shows That He Cares

Being notoriously known as an emotionally unavailable man for most of my adult life, I can honestly say that elusive men like ourselves get a horrible reputation for being soulless, vindictive and spineless bastards whose only real function in this world is to remind women of attractive and fictiona... Read On


Dating Mistakes That Make Women Go From ‘Keeper’ To ‘Creeper’

Considering I have been providing resolutions for dating questions women seek answers to for a few years now, I am still left dumbfounded by common dating mistakes are made time and time again in this day and age. I find that there is one problem women go through time and time again and that is tryi... Read On


How Google And FaceBook Can Reveal That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

  According to an online dating study, 30 percent of affairs started from online and email interactions and now in 2013 the numbers have doubled and do you want to know why that is? It’s because more and more people are becoming more well-versed with how to hide their inappropriate interactio... Read On


Sleazy And Sure Fire Ways To Get Laid For Valentine’s Day

  Even though I’m in a committed relationship and a very devoted partner to my girlfriend, that wasn’t the case even just a few years ago. I was the kind of guy that used Valentine’s Day as a way to have sex with women who generally wouldn’t have even dared to tackle my emot... Read On


How To Preserve Your Relationship So It Doesn’t Curdle Past The Expiration Date

  When it comes to good relationships, many people have different analogies for describe them. To some people, good relationships are like flowers, birds or a Breaking Bad marathon.  However, for me a good relationship is like canned goods. I know what you’re thinking: ‘How unattra... Read On

Dating Getaway

If you can’t afford to take a faraway vacation then maybe what you need isn’t so faraway. There are a lot of local getaway spots you can escape to over the weekend. If you are Dating someone that could be just the thing to turn the tide from sweet and romantic to hot and passionate sex. ... Read On

Be Patient

When a guy is kinky or has a fetish, their best bet in finding a good XXX dating match is find a lady who enjoys the same things, but sometimes that’s just not possible. It’s either difficult to find or perhaps the gentleman meets someone and falls for her before he even gets a chance to bring u... Read On

Open Relationships

If you are among the single men and women looking for Adult dating experiences then you need to be aware of some of the people who frequent these sites. Some of them are not single at all but in fact are in open relationships. This is where they are married but have mutually agreed to have sex with ... Read On

Music To Soothe The Not So Savage Beast

All the work has been done. The online dating site, the chatting, the phone calls, the first meeting and the successful subsequent dates. Now it’s time for the first sexual encounter with the lady, and it’s time to set the scene. First of all, get things neat and clean. Hire a cleaning service i... Read On