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5 Sexual Oddities

I have the maturity level of a twelve year-old boy; I admit it. Sexual oddities make me giggle. Every once in a while I need to take a break from serious posting on online personals and other dating advice and round up some silly sex news: 1. in 1995, an optician in Belgian was arrested for forcing ... Read On

Birthday Sex

Birthday sex is an important indicator of how healthy a relationship is. I’m serious. A good friend of mine, a woman, for that matter, didn’t get any birthday sex from her long-term boyfriend last year and the very next day she was all up in the online personals looking for a man to plea... Read On

A Quick Word On Cheating

Cheating. I dare one of you to say you have never done it. At least, you’ve made out with someone other than a partner at one point or another, I’m sure. And it probably wasn’t that big of a deal. We are hardwired to cheat, I don’t care what any of your moral purists say. Let... Read On

On How Not to Have a Sexless Winter

Another letter from a lovely lady. Oh, how I love your letters, ladies – please do not stop sending them. Dear Michael, It’s winter here in Minnesota. You know that that means? If you’re a single woman, even a sexy single woman like me, it can mean no sex till June. You see, we get... Read On

Letter From The Guilty Third Party

I recently got a letter asking for advice from a female fan of the site; I’d like to share it with you all: Dear Michael, I need your advice. About a month ago, I was out of town for a friend’s concert and ran into a couple of other musicians I know through the band. We all started drink... Read On