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Why Relationships Go Downhill

Almost everyone in the world has the same question after a break up: “Why?” When you have a ton of small problems, how do you clear the smoke enough to pinpoint the main reason for the breakup? Whether you’ve gone on one date, you were married, or you married someone you thought wa... Read On

Is ‘Fear Of Commitment’ A Real Thing, Or A Lame Excuse?

A guy I’ve been talking to online says that he wants to take things slow because he has a “Fear of commitment.” I’m glad he’s being honest about it, but could it be just an excuse to not have to get serious with me? Curious You certainly have the right to be curious abo... Read On

Check Your Baggage At The Homepage

The last online relationship I got into, the guy ended up being married. How do I know that if I try it again, it won’t happen twice? Slightly Jaded Well Jade, if you had that attitude towards any relationship, you wouldn’t get very far in your love life. It’s the bad relationships... Read On

Breakup Horror Stories

I just broke up with my boyfriend of three years and am about to start dating online for the first time. Wish me luck! Rachel Dallas, Texas Online datingis the best way to get back into the love game after a break up! You get to take things slow, talk to people who have the same interests as you, an... Read On

CNN Fails With Adult Dating Study

Why is CNN still considered a real news station? It is, at the very most, ‘news entertainment’ or ‘entertainment news’ or ‘porn stars pretending to be news anchors reporting porn in the guise of news,’ Do we all agree? A recent article over at CNN’s website ... Read On