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Writing An Appealing XXX Personal Ad

There’s a lot of people posting adult personals who are looking for something simple like a quick hookup or an internet fuck. But how do you know what to include in your ad? Most dating websites only give you tips on how to write your average profile, but finding someone for sex through a pass... Read On

Safety In Online Dating

The question I get asked the most is “Is online dating safe?” The truth is, like everything else, online dating is as safe as you make it. We all have choices we make daily that protect our safety– some of us wear seat belts, some do not. Some drink the coffee before it cools, some... Read On

Dating After Divorce

Remember when you were 18 and had a hard time hitting on the cute girl in Science class? Well, now you’re 50, in a job where there are no single women, and are back in the dating world for the first time in over 20 years. Where do you start? What’s the first step in finding that connecti... Read On

The Difference Between Online Dating and Good Online Dating

Finding someone to connect with online is doesn’t take much effort, but finding someone worth your time poses a bigger than most people expect. When you’re first diving into online personals, take a second to think about what it is you’re looking for. The internet’s a big pl... Read On

Date Movie Pictograms

Keeping things simple with your online dating policies can help you avoid a whole variety of problems (complications, if you will). Considering the popular movie date scenario, let’s flex your simplicity-muscle and check out the super simple pictographic depictions of some famous date movies. Read On