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Easiest Ways To Ditch A Date

One of the risks you’re taking when you answer online personals is that you never really know what you’re getting. Sure they have photos, but a majority of the time they’re either heavily edited or of someone completely different than the person you’ve been talking to. Admit it, when you yourself puts a picture on your profile, you search for hours trying to find the perfect one, don’t you? Well, the truth is everyone else does the same thing. Even if you’ve taken the time to video chat with the person you’re meeting before hand, simple things like the camera angle and bedroom lighting can work wonders for a naturally homely looking individual.

But let’s try to be good people for a minute and get past their looks. So what if they have dollar store lip stick on their snaggel tooth? Maybe they’re a good person inside! Sitting down for a drink isn’t going to kill you, but hearing 80 stories about their 17 cats just might. So what do you do when you realize your date is a dud? You get your excuse book ready! Here’s 5 popular ways to ditch a date:

1. “It’s called a purity ring. It means I’m going to stay a virgin until I’m married.”
2. “There’s shellfish in this salad?! I have to get to a hospital!”
3. After making your way back from the bathroom; “I need to go home and get a chance of underwear. We can continue the date as soon as I clean off?”
4. “I probably shouldn’t stay out too late, my husband is going to wonder where I am.”
5. “I actually wanted to go out with you today so I could talk to you about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

    Online dating is never easy for anyone. When you put all the time and effort into finding a date only to get ditched, it’s going to discourage you from trying again. If you are going to do the good old dash-before-you-dine routine, make sure you let them down gently! All joking aside, it does hurt to be denied, so put in effort to save their pride while you do it. Get out as fast as you need to, but leave them with a little dignity on your way out!