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Just The Facts

I often compare online dating to the show Dexter. Either you’ve heard of it and you’ve never watched it, or you’ve watched it and you’ve loved it. There are very few people who have watched it and disliked it. That’s how people tend to look at online personals. You have the ones who just haven’t tried it, the ones who have tried it and loved it, and the very, very small percentage of people who have tried it and didn’t enjoy their experience.

If there’s such a high success rate, then how come the people who haven’t tried it yet, well, haven’t tried it yet?

A lot of it has to do with the generation gap. Almost 4 of every 5 people between the ages 22 and 26 have signed up for an online dating site. That’s because they’re from a time where the internet is everything– a source of entertainment, a place to talk with friends, somewhere to do your grocery shopping and everything in between. It only makes sense to them that it’s also the place they look for love. The reason some older people haven’t turned to online dating is because they’re not used to using the internet for daily uses, so they’re simply not comfortable using it for finding a proper match.

I think it’s important for people of all ages to realize what a great option the Internet is for finding a date. These are just a few of many motivational facts and statistics that will hopefully change your mind if you haven’t jumped aboard the online dating bandwagon yet.

  • Over 15% of people on dating websites create a relationship with the first person they make contact with, and over 50% of people find a date within the first three weeks.
  • Over 40% of people have claimed that they undersell what they do for a living when first speaking with people online. That means that if he says he’s in the medical field, he could really be a heart surgeon! Or, you know, something like that…
  • Only 3% of people have claimed they hadn’t found a date within the first year
  • Over 75% of marriages in 2009 & 2010 were between people who met online
  • The divorce rate overall is nearing 65%, but divorce rate for people who met online is only 10%!
  • According to a UCLA survey, most couples who met online have a more active sex life than others

If that doesn’t light the fire under your feet to log into a dating website, then nothing will, but hopefully it will act as a little piece of inspiration!