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Remember To KISS

When people are filling out adult personals, they usually have a few questions they want answered from the people responding. Where they’re from, what they do, why they’re looking for love online, the works. What they’re NOT looking for is to get a novel from someone.

Ever wonder why Twitter is so popular? Well, it’s easy. People get the message in short and concise blurbs. No one has to read through the fat of a story just to get to the point on Twitter, so there’s no frustration. That’s exactly how people want their messages while dating online.

KISS is the first rule they teach you in business school, and it applies to almost all aspects of life. It’s an easy rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Out of these two messages, tell me what you would rather read:
“Well when I was in my 20s, I was a police officer. My uniform was so tight at the time! But I guess that was the in thing. My partners name was Barry, and the weirdest thing, I saw him at the grocery store yesterday! It’s such a small world. But when I was 25 my brother got hit by a drunk driver (he was okay! He now lives in Phoenix with his 4 kids and his new wife, Monica. He got divorced from his first wife about 8 years ago. Messy break up!), so I wanted to help people like him and decided to become a lawyer. I went to law school in Boston and stayed in the same dorm that Conan O’Brien used to stay in! It was so cool! I really like his show. He has very good comedic timing…”
“I am a current lawyer, former police officer.”

See the difference? Of course you do, because the first message is a terrible eye soar, and the second is clean and to the point.

People on passion personals sites usually get multiple messages a day, and are likely to discard the long ones without even reading them. If you want to increase your chances of someone reading your first message, remember to seal it with a KISS.

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