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AdultFriendFinder Review

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Editor Rating: 0.5

AdultFriendFinder Review


Have you ever had one of those experiences where your expectations of something are built up thanks to the hype and previous reputation of something or somebody, but when you actually meet them or see it, it totally sucks? Well, not to give away the whole crux of my AdultFriendFinder review, but that, in a nut shell is what happened to me. I’m not sure if I went in with expectations too high, but I don’t think I did. I looked at this mega-adult dating site objectively, and quite honestly, it sucks.

If you don’t need to read the rest of the review, and just want to take my word for it, that’s cool. And if you want a suggestion for a huge hookup site that actually delivers what it promises, I have reviewed quite a few in the past, like UbangWithFriends. Now there’s a site that has a reputation and the huge membership population, and yet still seems to deliver, despite it’s size and popularity. But I digress. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of why AdultFriendFinder was such a disappointment to me.




AdultFriendFinder is one of the biggest and longest running adult dating sites out there. It says it’s got a membership base of more than 23 million worldwide users (although I’ll get into why that’s a load of crap in a bit). The ratio of men to women on the site is hugely skewed to benefit women (in fact, there are four men to every woman on the site), and the site was recently bought out by none other than Penthouse publishing. I’m not sure why Penthouse went in on such a terrible site, since I’ve long admired not only their judgement on almost everything involving sex, but normally they’ve got a good business sense. They really missed the boat on this one, I tell you!

I went online and was immediately turned off by their design and layout. For one of the biggest sites out there, you’d expect them to plug some of their millions of dollars in yearly revenue back into the design and upgrading of the site. Nope. This thing looked like a bargain basement adult dating site with a bunch of low-res profile pics everywhere. And the thing is, I’ll bet none of the members whose pics were up on the main page had given permission for their likeness to be part of the site’s front page. Then I looked into the fine print of the site’s contract and found out that any pic you put up is theirs in perpetuity forever. In other words, if you put up a sexy, near nude pic of yourself up on your profile, they could put it up on their front page for the rest of time. Think about that the next time you’re going to use this site at all!


I was pleased to find out they had a free membership deal, but then was immediately deflated when I found out that it does basically nothing until you upgrade to the gold memberships they offer. This in itself was a bummer, but then when I saw the prices this site has, I couldn’t believe it. With such a huge membership, you’d expect the prices to be on the low side, but nope. Some of the highest I’ve ever seen. Here’s how their pricing breaks down:



Gold Membership:

1 month : $29.95

3 months : $59.80

12 months : $179.10

I’ve done a lot of reviews in my time, and believe me when I say these are some of the highest prices out there. And when you consider how limited and crappy the features the site does have are, it’s a real rip off!




As I mentioned above, the site lures you in with the promise of a free membership, but then you realize it was just a lie to get you to input all your info into their system. By then, they bet that you’ll upgrade one one of their insanely expensive gold memberships. And as I mentioned above, the features with the gold membership are really limited. You get your email and search pages, and chatrooms. You can see who has checked out your profile, and use their e-chat feature. Other than that, there isn’t too much on the site worth mentioning. And if that isn’t bad enough, I found that even though they have this huge database of millions of members, the same women kept coming up again and again no matter how much I changed the search parameters. And it didn’t seem like there were many new members joining either. That was a bummer because being the first to say hi to a new member on an adult dating site is one of the perks of being online at the right time. This site took that away from me.




Woops. I guess I’ve sort of talked about the drawbacks of this site all through the review, rather than saving them all for this section. But you get the gist. The site is over priced, and the features suck. Also, another thing that is bad about the site is all the prostitutes on there trying to get new clients. I had to politely tell about two hundred whores over the month that I was looking for casual sex, not paid sex. Another thing is that a lot of the profiles were either fakes or abandoned. Some had pics you recognized as models or porn stars, so you knew they were fake. And others hadn’t been active in years. But the site just leaves them up. It’s terrible from top to bottom.


Review Conclusions


Over the month I used the site an average of about thirty minutes a day, and sent out a total of 166 emails to different women. I got responses from only 21 of them, and managed to only get two dates the whole month. This is a horrible return on my time, effort, and money. I do not recommend AdultFriendFinder at all. Avoid this site at all costs!