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FreeHookups.com Review – #1 Top Online Personals FAQ

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Find out which dating sex sites are legit and which ones are scams, when we review the most-talked about hookup and sex personals sites – FreeHookups.com. As the top review site online, we take our reviews seriously and your feedback is important. We received a lot of emails from our readers asking us about the new hookup site FreeHookups.com. Is it really free? Is it a scam? Is it actually going to get me laid?

The casual sex and dating market is completely flooded with scams and terrible sites, which is why we like to test them out and give you an idea of what you’re getting into before you spend your hard-earned cash. One thing Freehookups has going for it is that it’s FREE. So don’t worry about parting with your money on this website, however, that’s not the only reason you should join.

Freehookups.com has been on everyone’s lips since it landed on the scene with a big bang. Do people really join a site JUST FOR SEX? The answer is a resounding YES. Dating and relationship sites are a way of the past. With a strong lean towards open relationships and polyamory in dating trends, people are no longer looking for “the one” to settle down with. Even the New York Times has been writing about how polyamory is the hottest new thing in the young generation. So where does that leave relationship sites? In the dust. The way of the future is casual sex and instant hookup sites and apps.

Read on to find out what this Online Personals FAQ’er thinks of this hot new casual sex site. Spoiler alert: we totally loved it and think you should try it out and join us in the lovefest!


Freehookups.com guarantees you will get laid in your city and boasts impressive statistics about their rate of member sex-ccesses. It also promises access to millions of men and women who are on their site only for casual sex and fetishes. When I joined I was hesitant to believe the hype. The site looks polished, very professional, but what lurked beyond the “join here” gate? A lot, actually.

Inside they have an easy-to-navigate Member Search tool, a sleek design, and eye-catching members. After setting up my profile in a no-muss, no-fuss fashion, I was ready to begin browsing members and messaging people if I so desired. Almost immediately after finalizing my profile details I was messaged by a couple of attractive men in my area. It almost seemed too easy, but after one of them explained to me that new members were featured on their location page, it made sense. I was the new belle of the ball on FreeHookups.com. After a short but sweet conversation with both men, I was feeling more confident about striking a conversation with other “currently available” guests. Seeking for sexual partners online is an easy way to get over that annoying fear of rejection most of us have. You’re merely browsing their page (and letting them take it from there if you keep your visibility settings on) or sending them a coy message to prompt them to respond in turn. There’s not a whole lot to it.

FreeHookups encourages daily use to maximize the experience, and I would concur. I was surprised by just how much activity my profile gained, but the more often I was online, the more messages I got. Especially when I activated the GPS feature on my phone for Close Proximity Matching. You can match with other members based on distance to them, sexual preference, sexual interests, age, and physical features – or a combination of all of them! I got as specific as I could when I was searching for a hunk for the night – and the FREE HOOKUPS APP did a great job of matching me!



With the option to message members in chat style, it creates a great conversational tone to all messages, even mores on the Free Hookups App. You can basically text without having to give out your phone number, so you never have to give up your anonymity if you desire to keep your real identity under wraps. You can also enjoy the video option, for the more bold chatters. I engaged in some light video sex with another member and had a real blast doing it. It seems like a popular feature on the site that a lot of members use and enjoy. I would highly recommend trying it – especially once you’ve talked for a little bit with the person you’re attracted to.

FreeHookups.com offers great customization for preference settings, what you display in your profile, how you display it, and how you search. I prefer this method to other sites that connect your social media accounts with no regard for the need for privacy or anonymity. This site understands the value of discretion. You can customize your profile to attract the type of members that you like, so when they type what they’re looking for, your profile will come up. From there, they can follow, favorite, or message you directly. You don’t have to worry about being judged like other apps, where people swipe one way and never see your profile again. FreeHookups.com changes as its users change, and knows that what you prefer today might change tomorrow.

If you don’t want to have to search members with specific interests or browse specific areas, ages, or preferences each time you login, you can also store your searches for later use. FREEHOOKUPS.COM will send you matches and alerts based on your saved searches, so you never even have to bother with the browsing! You can receive them straight to your inbox on the website and/or to your mobile app. You can also receive alerts based on proximity, if you and another member like each other, you can receive an alert for when they’re nearby. It’s a fantastic, new, and never-before-seen feature on ANY OTHER SITE!

FreeHookups boasts an uncomplicated design, interface, and sign-up process. They’ve managed to pack a whole lot of intelligent dating and sex tools with the easiest to understand execution. You won’t have to waste your time clicking here, then there, going in circles. They lay it out so easily that anyone can figure it out. The lack of personal quizzes and hoops you have to jump through to unlock members and gain access to certain sections of the site is also a big bonus. It features no, if very few, pop-up ads and no pesky porn videos that alert everyone in your office that you’re looking for someone to hook up with. All of it’s sub-sections are easy to find and understand, including the fine print – which basically just lays out how they handle privacy and why you’re secure using their site. It’s a pretty impressive execution! And the best thing to make simple – Free Hookups makes it incredibly easy to get laid!


Freehookups.com is just as it says – free! While there are options to upgrade, and they seem to offer a lot, you can also just cruise by on the free plan. I suggest trying it out for free first and seeing if it’s the right fit for you. Our more conservative members might not enjoy the no-holds-barred atmosphere with plenty of sexy photos. It’s very sex-positive, and very turned on. It’s by far the most sex-friendly online personals site out there.


Because Freehookups.com is SO sex-friendly it might scare off some of our tamer readers. It’s also very interactive, and once you’re on it, you will probably get messaged – A LOT. If you’re a more timid dater, and are just getting your toes wet, this might not be the best starting point for you. It might be easier to try out a more relaxed approach to hooking up. Although, freehookups is great about de-activation and has excellent privacy settings. So, the choice is ultimately yours! The positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to FreeHookups.


Online Personals FAQ highly rates FREE HOOKUPS. It’s one of the best sites you can try out for casual sex, random hookups, sex personals, and kinky fetish sex. Very few sites offer the level of features found here, especially free ones. If you’re hoping to try something new, looking to get laid or explore your sexier side, then give FreeHookups a shot. It’s a great addition to the sex dating online community.

Join in on the fun and tell us what you think about the #1 sex and hookup site anywhere online! We love to hear about your sexual escapades!