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NaughtyMeetings Review


I loved doing this NaughtyMeetings Review a lot because the last few dating sites I have reviewed have been absolutely terrible. Granted, those last few dating sites were for trying to find people for possible relationship dating, and NaughtyMeetings is a sex dating site, so they are different animals entirely. But after those sour experiences, I was more than ready to dive back into the wonderful world of adult dating and lots and lots of sweet, sweet casual sex. Plus, I have a few buddies who already are using NaughtyMeetings, and their reports were nothing but spectacular. In fact, I once saw one of my buddies out on one of his sex dates (he had met up with a woman at a bar we were hanging out at, and then they went back to his place once they were both good and drunk), and she absolutely incredible. Sexy, built, and after some no strings attached fun beneath the sheets. I envied him that night, because I wasted my time trying to find a woman to take home for sex at the bar, spending nine bucks a shot chatting them up with drinks and ending up with nothing except a couple of fake phone numbers.



NaughtyMeetings is a new and exciting adult dating site that focuses on bringing horny and open minded people in any given city together for some hot casual sex encounters. It’s got a pretty standard initial set up where you plug in about five minutes worth of information for your free membership, and then you’re off. I told the site that I was a man looking to meet women for sex, particularly kinky sex involving BDSM. I also said I’d be open to hooking up with women for threesome of both the MMF and MFF variety, although I specified that the MMF thressomes would never involve the dudes hooking up. It’s basically for me to join a couple (married or otherwise) for pleasuring the wife/girlfriend in the scenario. I’ve been on those sort of sex dates before, and they’re always a lot of fun. The woman is really comfortable because her significant other is there, but she’s also really horny and excited and willing to push her boundaries because I’m there. To be honest, I’d rather have the MFF threesomes, but what guys wouldn’t. Unfortunately those are much harder to get.


This site had a ton of excellent features, even beyond their fantastic membership of incredible women. Once I had finished my free membership, they brought me to the search page, and I was overwhelmed by the number of hot and horny ladies in my area looking for some casual sex dates. I started browsing through them, and their profiles were incredible. Not only was it hot reading about what kinks and fetishes and positions each woman enjoyed, but the pics they uploaded to show off their bodies and entice us men was out of this world. I saved quite a few of those pics. I began receiving emails from women almost immediately, because new members are shown to established users, and these women were online and looking for love that very night. To read their emails and use the rest of the site, I had to upgrade to either the site’s Silver or Gold option. Here’s the breakdown of the pricing, and what you get with each membership:


3 Day Trial1 Month3 Months
Silver Membership$1.95/per month$29.95/per month$19.98/per month
Gold Membership$1.95/per month$34.95/per month$23.32/per month

The Silver option gets you limitless access to the site’s email and search features (which are the basics and what you need to find and contact members for sex dating), as well as the site/s three month Get Lucky or Your Money Back Guarantee. The Gold Membership, on the other hand, gets you everything that the Silver Membership has, PLUS the web cam functionality, unlimited access to the site’s XXX movie theatre (thousands of full length feature sex videos) the Members Video Area (uploaded sex videos by actual NaughtyMeetings people), as well as access to the group forums and online discussion boards. As well, both let you read all sorts of articles and dating tips pages that are extremely helpful for new sex daters and experienced adult hook up artists alike! I chose the Gold Membership to get the full experience of the site for this review, and because it was only a little more expensive than the silver.


naughty-meetings-pictureI had so much fun using this site over the month that I don’t have too many big criticisms about it. If I had one complaint that I would bring to the attention of the site’s designers and moderators, it would be that they should keep a closer eye on the forums. I spent some time here and there reading and participating in the discussions that were particularly hot. Topics that involved the BDSM community were ones that I loved actively involving myself in. But the trouble is there were tons of morons that were just there to cause trouble. They needed moderators to be vigilant and kick those dinks off so that like minded kinky fetishists like me could get along and talk about our fantasies without having those idiots spoiling it with their trolling. Otherwise, though, the site was a pleasure from start to finish.


Over the thirty days I tried out this site, I sent out a total of 144 emails to different women. On the very first night, I met a woman that was ready, willing, and able to get together for a sex date. In fact, I went out on a total of 28 sex dates over the month, which averages out to almost a sex date every day. On the whole, I was the instigator for 87 percent of the sex dates, and the other 13 percent were women who saw and approached me through the site. This was great. As far as threesomes went, I didn’t get any, but that’s OK. 28 individual women was just fine! I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for hot casual sex and plenty of it!