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Social-Hookups.com Review

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Editor Rating: 4.2

Social-Hookups Review



Hello everybody, and welcome to my newest adult dating site review, this time for Social-Hookups.com. I was keen to get this site under my belt (actually, my belt would hopefully be on the bedroom floors of all the women I hooked up with, hopefully), because from the first couple of cursory glances I took of the site, it was great on the surface. He site was really nice with lots of eye candy to attract the ladies and men out there who were interested in getting some hot, no strings attached sex for themselves. It reminded me a lot of EroticAffairs right off the bat, because the design was so titillating. And, as you’ll read, the site was just as awesome as EroticAffairs is, despite the fact that Social-Hookups is so new.



I went onto the site and started to key in my information for my free membership. It was simple and only took me about fifteen minutes to complete. I liked it because it was that perfect kind of profile creation where they ask enough to get a good understanding of what kind of sex you want, and with what kind of partners, but it doesn’t go into a ton of minutia that can turn you off the whole process before you even get into searching for people on the site.


Once my profile was finished, I started looking through all the matches the site presented to me n my individualized search pages. Jesus Christ. There were so many women that were looking for some hot casual sex it was a little overwhelming at first. And it surprised me, because this site is so new. I never expected it to have this many people already. But I guess good news travels fast, and the good news is that this site works! I began emailing the hottest women first, sending them a generic first email that basically said, “Hi. Wanna get together for some casual sex? Let me know”.

I began getting emails back that very first night, and after spending about half an hour on the site, I had three women who had written back. To read their emails, I had to change my free membership to either the silver or gold paid memberships the site has. I figured this would happen, but happily I didn’t have to spend anywhere near the fifty bucks I had budgeted for the monthly review of this site. Here’s the pricing and the features you get with each:




3 Day Trial1 Month3 Months
Silver Membership$1.95/per month$29.95/per month$19.98/per month
Gold Membership$1.95/per month$34.95/per month$23.32/per month



Silver Membership:

Unlimited use of emails (send and receive)

Unlimited use of search pages

 3-Month get laid or your money back guarantee

Gold Membership

All Silver Membership stuff

Webcam and e-chat

Mobile App.

Group discussion Boards and Online forums

XXX Streaming movies

Members’ uploaded amateur videos

Adult dating tips and much, much more!


As you can see, the gold membership is just a few bucks more than the silver, and as such, I highly recommend you spend the extra few dollars and get everything the site has to offer. When I saw how little it was to get everything on the site, I wasted no time in getting the Gold membership for myself, and I was not disappointed. It still came in much lower than the fifty bucks I figured I’d have to spend for just the basic site. This site is a steal of a deal, as far as I’m concerned!




I used this site religiously for one month, and overall I have very little to say in a negative way about it. However, no site is perfect, so there are a few small issues I had with the site that some of you may encounter and wish I had mentioned in this review. First of all, because the site is so new, it doesn’t have the huge memberships of the mammoth dating sites out there. Of course, the flip side of that coin is that since it is new, it doesn’t have the fake and abandoned membership profiles that plague your bigger sites. It should also be said that every day I logged on, there were a ton of new women who had just joined and were looking for some casual sex, so it won’t be long before this site is one of the big boys. The only other problem I had was that some of the people on the group discussion boards and online forums were pretty creepy. I contacted the site, and they said they were going to be putting moderators on the forums soon, so this is only a temporary problem that may have been resolved by the time I post this. Otherwise, this site is excellent!


Review Conclusions


I used this site every day for about half an hour each night and during the course of the thirty days, I contacted exactly 109 women. I was also contacted independently by 18 women that I didn’t contact first. Of all those, I ended up webchatting and/or insta-chatting with 59 of the hottest of them. I have a live-stream webcam capture feature on my computer, and I recommend you all get those as well, because some of those webchats got pretty spicy, and the women stripped and masturbated for me. Those are personal files I’ll cherish for the rest of my days. Of the 59 women that made the second cut, I ended up scheduling hook ups with 28 of them. That’s almost a date a day! Each one was special in its own way, but the one I want to highlight is the one where I go home with a sexy 26 year old beauty, and her roommate is home too. The roommate hears us having sex, and asks if she can join us! Apparently the two girls did it all the time, and I certainly had no objections. How often do you fall into a MFF threesome?! Bottom line is that this site is really great for dating hookups. I think it’ll be a giant in no time. Highly recommended!