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Should You Look For Someone New While You’re Still In A Relationship?

It’s common for people in relationships to want to see what else is out there for them. The world isn’t filled with cheaters, but it is filled with curious people who want to make sure they’re doing the right thing. If you’ve been with the same person for 8  years, how do you know that you’re not waisting your time? That you really are with the person who’s best for you? Most people in relationships start using online personals not because they want to cheat on their spouse, but because they simply want to know how the dating pool has changed since the last time they were single.

The issue that often arises with whether or not you should be on dating sites if you’re in a relationship is the debate of what counts as cheating. In a study by the Miami University in Ohio state, men think that cheating only counts as cheating if they’ve physically had sex with a woman, but woman considers it to be cheating as soon as a man gets emotionally invested with another woman.

You’ve seen it on television and movies time and time again- A woman gets mad at a man for having a new female friend, and the male can’t figure out what he’s done wrong. Why is the storyline so overplayed? Because so many women can relate to it, especially with the advancements of internet dating.

Women are extremely territorial, so when they see another female getting close to their match, they want to do everything they can prevent losing them before it even gets close. As a man, I’m sure you’ve had your partner get angry at you for what you thought was an innocent text message conversation with a woman. The truth is, women don’t see any interactions with other women as innocent regardless of the topic.

So is it a good idea to see what else is out there for you while you’re still in a relationship? In short- no. If you’re going to be doing it because you’ve already made up your mind that you want to break up with your significant other, than do that first. Starting internet dating before you’ve broken up will be extremely hurtful and can leave lasting effects on them. If you’re simply curious as to what goes on in the online working world, then settle your curiosity with research. If your girlfriend or wife finds out that you’re on online dating sites, trying to explain that you weren’t doing it to date anyone will be an excuse that’s hard to believe.

Unless you’re going to go on online dating sites to date, then it’s best to stay away.