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Biggest Break Up Reasons

Everyone tends to think that their relationship is special and has significant meaning that’s unique and original, which it usually is, but the break up is a different story. People are so concentrated on the break up itself that they usually don’t stop to understand why the break up too... Read On

Why Sleeping Alone Will Be Good For Your Relationship

When you’ve found a suitable match, it might be a good idea to keep them sleeping at their own place! When you’ve found someone that you want to pursue a relationship with, don’t assume that spending every night sleeping at their house is the way to do it. Studies show that not onl... Read On

Online Dating For The Shy

Good news, shy guys (and girls!): Finding a date is about to get a whole lot easier for you. Being in the academic programs throughout school, I often found myself in classes along with the painfully shy. When teachers or fellow students would talk to them, they would clam up and turn three differen... Read On

Just The Facts

I often compare online dating to the show Dexter. Either you’ve heard of it and you’ve never watched it, or you’ve watched it and you’ve loved it. There are very few people who have watched it and disliked it. That’s how people tend to look at online personals. You have... Read On

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