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Advice For Divorced Women

I often get questions from divorced women asking about online dating. Is it right for them? Is anyone out there looking to get involved with a divorcee? Should they just give up on love all together? Well, with an attitude like that, yes, you should. But if you are one of the divorced women in the world who is actually interested in dating again, then no, you shouldn’t give up. It’s important to keep your head held high in this game!

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the past is in the past. Even though you are divorced, that’s not what defines you as a person. Your marriage and your divorce are behind you, and they have no place in your current dating life. You wouldn’t want a new dating match to spend their time wallowing over their divorce, and you should be giving them the same courtesy by leaving your baggage behind you.

Don’t judge other people on their past relationships. A lot of divorced women have a tendency to stray away from divorced men, because they subconsciously think that if they’ve been divorced once, they’ll be divorced again. That’s like saying you don’t like red heads, regardless of the fact that you yourself are a redhead. You want people to think of you as a clean slate, and you should be giving the men you date the same respect.

Whatever you do, don’t compare your new date to your ex! Just because they have a similar hobby or they cheer for the same sports team doesn’t mean they’ll be anything like in a relationship. It’s natural to want to protect your feelings, but judging someone on the mistakes of someone else is a terrible mistake. If you still have issues with your ex, sort them out before getting into a new relationship!

The best advice I can give divorced women is to simply start anew. Learn form your past mistakes and enjoy the dating life again! It may be the last time you’re in it.


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