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Top Tips for Successful Online Dating

Online dating can be a tricky thing to master if you’re not sure how exactly to reel in the potential matches with just a picture and a profile.Successful online dating and dating both take patience and effort and just posting up a picture of you’re new boob job isn’t enough to find mr . right. Here are some online dating tips to go to make you’re online dating experience m... Read On

Facebook, Is there Anything it Can’t Do?

Facebook has started to *creep* into every aspect of our lives. Some of us tell it everything. And so, of course, it can tell us a lot about our romantic lives. Data Analyst David McCandless realized Facebook’s potential to show us patterns in our online dating behavior, so he paired up with an information expert and they looked at 10,000 random Facebook users who had recently used the word ... Read On

How to do the Impossible and Date you Roommate

So you broke the cardinal rule and slept with your sexy roommate–again, and again, and well, again. Watching her traipse down the hall in her slinky pyjamas was just too much to handle. You couldn’t resist and it was so much easier than finding someone to bed up with via online dating. To make matters worse, you haven’t been going back to your own room in the morning, and you som... Read On

Online Dating Don’ts

Online dating has made looking for a relationship easier then ever. Social technology is on the rise, and feeding our desire to communicate at an alarming rate. Finding women online is not always an easy process. There are some unwritten rules that every man should know before he tries to invite her over for some “chicken and sex”. Playing it smooth on the internet can be even more of ... Read On

Sex Smarts

The pill, is a magical contraceptive which allows women every where to enjoy a man’s unsheathed cock, fill her with his man juices without becoming pregnant. Men everywhere should send a little prayer out considering its the 50th birthday of the pill. Your father was likely one of the first to find out that he longer had to go the market and pay a whole ten pence for the thick rubber bags th... Read On

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