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Can Having Too Much Money Be A Deal Breaker?

I find that when women realize how much money I make, they’re scared off. I could understand this if I made little, but I make a good living for myself. Why do women stop talking to me once they found out I’m wealthy?
-Rich and Confused

Although most people aren’t put off by a big bank account, there are people who would be weary with getting involved with someone who is so well off. The biggest reason being fear of an unwanted relationship. When people are using online personals to find a date, they’re usually doing it because they genuinely want to make a connection with someone. When people learn that your wallet is big, they might make the assumption that you’re looking to be a sugar daddy to someone. If you’re really looking to get serious with someone, simply don’t tell them how much you make! That way they will judge your intentions on your words and actions, and not on your bank account.

Most people are uncomfortable in the company of others who are out of their class. You never know exactly what the social expectations are of someone who has more money than you, so it’s easy to be intimidated by the thought of hanging out with them. If you’re looking to date someone with smaller savings, let them know off the bat that money is just a number, and that you don’t hold yourself in a higher stand than them simply because of a dollar value.

There are many reasons people would be nervous to date someone who comes from money, so the easiest way to avoid people judging you on your value is to omit from telling them what it is.



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  3. James says
    January 3, 2012, 9:05 am

    I agree with Jessica.

    • admin says
      January 3, 2012, 10:55 am

      Me to :)


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