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How Your FaceBook Profile May Be Hurting Your Sex And Love Life

    The online dating site Match.com recently conducted an interesting digital dating survey and found out that over 48 percent of single women research their partner on FaceBook, whereas 49 percent of single men avoid researching their dates because they find it to be unacceptable. Now th... Read On

Music To Soothe The Not So Savage Beast

All the work has been done. The online dating site, the chatting, the phone calls, the first meeting and the successful subsequent dates. Now it’s time for the first sexual encounter with the lady, and it’s time to set the scene. First of all, get things neat and clean. Hire a cleaning service i... Read On

Be The Dating King

If a guy wants to be a big winner in the online dating world and find a great relationship, he should learn how to woo and court a woman. Courting a lady is a lost art these days, and because of that, the guy who masters courting and chivalry will stand out in the crowd and beat out any competition.... Read On

Avoiding Online Peer Pressure

Avoiding Online Peer Pressure

We get a lot of questions from people regarding what they should and should’t be doing online. “He asked me to Skype, but I don’t really want to.” “She’s asking to start sexting. I’m really not comfortable with that…” “He wants to meet afte... Read On

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