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Dating Out Of Your League

Let’s say I’m a 6. Is there any way a 9 would date me?
Feeling Out Of My League

Well Feeling Out Of My League, I have good news for everyone who thinks they shouldn’t talking to Person X because they’re out of your league: There’s no such thing.

People are so harsh on themselves that a lot of the time, even on online personals sites, people only try to go for others who are ‘in their league,’ meaning they think they have a chance with them. Well ladies and gents, the day Janet Jackson started dating Jermaine Dupri, all leagues went out the window. People have started to date others of all social status, physical fitness and nerd-ranking.

Think about how many times you’ve seen a couple out this year and have thought ‘He’s way too good for her,’ or ‘What is SHE doing with HIM?’ It’s probably been a lot more than other years, hasn’t it? That’s because people have started finally dating properly– they’re dating for personality, not just for looks.

Things like online dating gives you a chance to get to know someone before you see them. With almost half of relationships starting online in the past three years, it’s no wonder you see so many (what seems to be) mismatched couples walking around lately.

Of course physical attraction does play a part in relationships, people are putting less of an emphasis on it. Instead of seeking someone based on what they wear and how much they work out, people are now looking for dates based on their hobbies and profession.

If you’re still looking for a match based on sex appeal, then you’re living in the 90′s. There’s no such thing anymore as dating out of your league, so hit on who you want and start reeling in the people you never thought you’d get!


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