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GPS Mobile Apps-How Women Should Protect Themselves When Using Dating Apps




GPS Mobile Apps-How Women Should Protect Themselves When Using Dating Apps

Hey all! Jimmy Jacob here reporting another online dating issue that has been irking me as of late.  Although I talk about internet dating tips and experiences on a daily basis, I have to say I’m one of the few people that truly believes that the more technology evolves, the more we de-evolve as a society.

Years ago when online dating sites first started popping it up, it may have seemed convenient at the time, but it actually took a lot of work to build a proper profile page and it was easier to protect yourself from revealing personal details about yourself. You actually had to work to impress a potential match.

Nowadays, since society seems to live their lives on their Androids and iPhones, GPS-located mobile dating apps like Crazy Blind Date and Tinder  have changed the way people date. Now all you have to do to meet someone is literally just sign up to your app and minutes later you can meet a single lady or fella for a date.

Although this may be the laziest and meaningless way to meet someone new , it also is potentially a very dangerous situation for many women who are so clueless to not understand that the trendy new dating app they are using could be the hottest and easiest apps for predators and rapists.

Having two sisters, I can tell you that mobile dating apps terrify me to no end and ladies if you are going to conform to this dating tactic, there are certain safety you should follow:

Don’t Sign Onto Your GPS Mobile App Unless You’re In A Public Place

If you are going to check your mobile dating app and are looking for new guys to meet, always make sure you’re in a public place. I know it may seem tempting to sign on when you’re lonely at home, creeping your happy ex’s FaceBook page while stuffing your face with whipped cream and watching the latest Nicholas Sparks film adaptation, but I implore you to not do this.  Always make sure you’re in highly populated place like a bar or cafe and make sure it’s no where near where you live.

Don’t Include Too Many Personal Details On Your Mobile Dating Profile

There are trendy dating apps like Blendr  that allow women to omit certain details like their real names or even photos when signing on to the site.  I would recommend for you to only use a nickname for your username. Never use your real name as it is too easy to track your personal social media accounts, address and phone number if you do.

Meet Your Date With A Group Of Friends

You don’t have to spend 20 dollars and use Grouper to have an interesting group date. I would recommend when you’re meeting some one new, ask them over private chat on your app if they would be willing to meet at a bar or restaurant with 2 or 3 of their friends and you would invite your friends as well.  Remember, safety in numbers.

Don’t Meet An App User At Any Of Your Favorite Spots In Your City

To ensure your safety, make sure you’re using a mobile dating site that picks a spot for you to meet on your blind date. Don’t tell them to meet you at spots you frequently go to on a daily or weekly basis.  You need to protect yourself from potential stalkers and if you meet somewhere (or even post pictures at noticeable locations) then you will be at greater risk for attracting singles who are prone to do this.

Have A Good Friend Pick You Up After Your Date

Again, this might seem like over kill and although I am aware that you are all smart women, it only takes one moment to be distracted when you’re on your way home. Have a good friend of yours pick you up after your date to make sure you get home safely and that your date has no idea where you live.  Besides you should always maintain a sense of mystery on your first date anyway.  Don’t let them take you home.

So those are my rules. Although they may seem redundant, you would be surprised how many women ignore these essentially simple safety rules. Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself by implementing these rules into your life. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and if he’s worth it and a decent guy, he will definitely respect you for it.

Thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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  1. Marrie says
    March 9, 2013, 10:33 am

    For most women safety is the number one concern! Most men are harmless but it only takes one creepster! Fabulous tips and advice most women could use!

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