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Editor Rating: 5


As you can probably imagine, HookUp.com makes no bones about exactly the service it provides. If you’re searching for the love of your life, or a whirlwind romance, or you’re the kind of person that is expecting the “Likes” section of your profile here to include “long walks on the beach”, then this is probably not the ideal place for you.

Modeled after many of your most loved sites, HookUp boasts a beautiful and easy to use interface, which is never missing its fair share of sexy, scantily clad babes to get your engines revving and your mind racing. It’s never a bad thing to be primed for a sexy conversation, right?

HookUp.com is an online playground for adults. Like Facebook, but with hookups.

And way more nudity.

Although it is just starting out, it has a solid number of real members (in the millions) and it is growing every day! The perk of joining a site when it’s just starting out is that all of the members here are super active! The site is just buzzing with all kinds of real activity by real people, proving that it’s not one of those scam sites. You can check out all the latest updates on your dashboard when you first log in, including any new messages from members and updates that people you’ve made connections with online already have made.

I started out with a free membership, but quickly saw the value in the Gold level. Upgrading was quick and easy, and, although I don’t know why you would ever want to, I hear downgrading back to a Silver or to the free level is just as quick and just as easy.

HookUp.com understands that a naughty dating site shouldn’t try to be a lifetime matching site. It does one thing very well, and I’m really glad I got to be on the receiving end of all of its benefits, if you know what I mean.

hookup.com hookup online personals


The features on HookUp.com are among my favorite on any dating site I’ve ever reviewed!

Find local singles a variety of different ways. You can do an open search based on location, age, physical features or kink factor to narrow down your results by just one quality, or you can do an advanced search which utilizes all of your profile information and current location to find the most compatible singles near you. This is a great feature for when you want to get lucky but don’t have the luxury of time to search through thousands of beautiful women’s profiles to find the one.

Another really cool feature that I personally got a lot of use from was the tailored matching of local singles by the best hookup professionals at HookUp. I got a message daily with sexy, personalized matches with links that took me right to their profile!

Speaking of profiles, we should discuss how incredible it is to be able to search through profiles, even on a free membership! The features available on each profile get more extensive when you upgrade your membership, of course, but armed with my golden ticket (aka the Gold VIP membership) I was able to enjoy unlimited use of all of the features. You can send a flirt (blow a kiss, wink at someone etc.) to a hottie whose attention you want to grab, incorporate emoticons into your messages to flirt, or update your status with something provocative when you want to get everyone’s attention all at once!

On top of it all, HookUp features a function which allows you to see who has recently viewed your profile, who is online now, and featured members (only Gold VIP members can be featured, but everyone can check them out!) All of these provide an excellent jumping off point for you to find babes who are interesting in getting laid tonight!

Play the voyeur and watch a live webcam show, chat using instant messaging and designated chat rooms, and read reviews and casual sex advice columns. Whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are HookUp.com has something to whet your appetite and get your dirty mind racing.


Enjoy a free signup for all membership brackets! Create a profile creation and chat to hot honeys absolutely free!

Feel like you want a little more from your hot hookup website? Get in on a premium membership! Try a Gold or Silver Membership for 3 days for just $1.95!

Enjoy the HookUp.com Silver Membership for $29.95/per month for 1 month or $19.98/per month for 3 months.

Or, you can get the best hookup opportunities with the
HookUp.com Gold Membership, priced at $34.95/per month for 1 month or $23.32/per month for 3 months!

For slick sites like HookUp.com, you usually expect to have to part with your money right out the gate. However, that’s not the case here. HookUp is totally free to join, allowing you a bunch of what would be premium features on other sites at no charge. Complete your sex personal, adding as much or as little information as you like. Post a profile picture, update your status and enjoy most of the social media platform aspects of the site, all totally free. You won’t get access to the XXX video library, the live webcams, the tube site or premium messaging features, but if basic communication with foxy local females is the first step to hooking up for you, then the free membership will serve you well!

The HookUp.com Silver members enjoy instant messaging features and extended social media style perks (like more private messages, the ability to send a kiss or a wink to a hottie you’ve got your eye on) and more space for photos, as well.

To stretch your money the furthest, the Gold level is the way to go. Instantly gain access to the entire site and everything it has to offer, from Live Streaming Web Cams to video chat, to a library of all the XXX videos you could ever watch. Right now HookUp’s Gold Membership is having a featured promotion where you can enjoy two months of complete all access for free, when you provide a valid credit card number.

Keep in mind that up or downgrading your membership status is always available, so if you find you’re not utilizing the Gold features (but why wouldn’t you?!) after your 2 month free trial, you can always drop your membership to a Silver or a Free one to continue enjoying the parts of the site you actually use.

You shouldn’t be hesitant about signing up for a membership that requires a credit card. Unlike some other scam sites who will take your information and do goodness knows what with it, HookUp.com is safe and secure. All of the members are real people, which you’ll soon come to learn when you start actually hooking up with them! So, HookUp.com a scam? I think not!


As happy as I was with everyone I encountered online on HookUp.com, and as 100% satisfied as I am with all of the raunchy casual sex I’m having as a result of my subscription here, nothing is without room to grow.

Which, I think is the one major drawback of this particular site. HookUp.com is so new that the member base is still growing, but it has enough excellent features, it’s affordable, and coupled with its premium look, it’s just a matter of time before it’s taking its place beside the big players of the adult dating scene. So, give it some room to grow! In the 30 short days I’ve been a member, there have been significant jumps in numbers already, so it’s just a problem that time will literally fix.

Otherwise, I have no complaints, and I’m sure you won’t either.


When you just want to get laid, it’s hard to focus on anything else. So, feast your eyes on the babes at HookUp.com, connect online, and hook up tonight!

I’ve hooked up over 20 times in my first month with the Gold VIP membership at HookUp.com, which is a way higher success rate than I had with some other sites, and even with some of the major ones. I barely have to do any work to get laid because my personalized matches were so on point. When I’m in a rush these days, I log on, check my messages, and pick someone from the matches HookUp provides for me to meet up with. I’m never disappointed, and I’ve never been turned down. Some might call it beginner’s luck, but I say it’s just the sign of a solid, legit dating site which has all the potential to be the best sex site on the market.

I know a lot of you are probably still wondering whether HookUp.com is a scam, and that’s fair. There are so many sex sites that are. But, I can safely say that there is NO CHANCE that could be the case! I went on too many real dates, connected with too many real babes and, to be frank, can smell a scam from a mile away. Nope, not HookUp.com. It’s as legit as the best adult dating websites, so you can rest easy knowing you’re not paying to be ripped off.
The final word: definitely worth it! Get on it, so you can get under a hottie tonight!

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