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Sleazy And Sure Fire Ways To Get Laid For Valentine’s Day



Even though I’m in a committed relationship and a very devoted partner to my girlfriend, that wasn’t the case even just a few years ago.

I was the kind of guy that used Valentine’s Day as a way to have sex with women who generally wouldn’t have even dared to tackle my emotionally-stunted ass even a day before.

Although I don’t condone this behavior, there are certainly very easy ways to get laid on Valentine’s Day and they generally require very little effort on the guy’s part.

So the following are tips on how a guy can score on Valentine’s Day in the easiest and sleaziest ways possible and girls, if you don’t want to be easy targets this V-Day, take these tips and learn from them and you will NOT do something you regret.

1. Be Realistic About Who You Can Get

Many guys aren’t realists when they think about scoring with a hot girl period.  A lot of them set their expectations too high and have no idea why they keep getting rejected. It’s a cruel fact but there is a hierarchy that needs to be obeyed in order to get laid.

Look in the mirror and think through a one or 10 scale, where do you rate? 1 being on a Quasimodo level and 10 being Channing Tatum without the steroids neck.  If you’re a five, you shouldn’t be going for a ten. Aim higher than you, but not too high.  A 5 to a 7 is all you have any chance of getting with.

2. Dive Bars Are Full of Easy Targets

Head over to a dive bar after 11PM. If you go before, you run the risk of having to buy drinks for a girl all night, only to be disappointed when she leaves you after her dickhead ex texts her for a booty call and she will stupidly think it’s a grand romantic gesture.  The girls that are there after 11 are vulnerable, sad and will probably go home with men two ranks down from them in the looks department. (Good places to find sevens, let me tell you!)

3. Rely On Social Media To Help You Score

Generally, I wouldn’t recommend social media sites, but for this one day of the year it is a booty call goldmine. Go on your Facebook page and message every girl that’s online.  If a girl is actively checking her Facebook online on V-Day, chances are she’s alone and miserable and probably looking at her ex’s new girlfriend online while crying, drinking merlot and watching Girls. Trust me, she will be desperate to sleep with you.

4. Take The Sexting Approach

Send your ex a text. All you have to do is send her a text saying “Do you remember when (fill in the blank) following by a winky face. Even though she knows you are the scum of the earth, chances are she will be thinking fondly of those few memories that made her get used by you in the first place.

5. Use Adult Dating Sites To Hook Up

If all that fails, go on adult dating websites. It’s worked for me in the past. Try something like XXXMatch.com or try out dating apps like Tinder or Crazy Blind Date.

So that’s about it. By following these tips, you will be able to get laid with minimal effort and receive maximum pleasure afterward, but beware….this could lead to a stalker-friendly situation, so use with caution!


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