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What Men Notice First

When I’m choosing my profile picture, what should I pick? Something that looks fun, or something that looks sexy? Is there anything guys notice first that I should showcase?
Katie McQuillin

I’ve addressed things you should include in your profile picture in the past, but I’ve never been asked if there is specific physical features and traits that guys notice first. As a matter of fact Katie, there are things that both evolution and natural instincts make almost all males attracted to. When you’re creating your online personals profile, keep these things in mind when you’re ready to post your pictures!

  • Guys are drawn to thick hair. If you don’t have it, fake it! Males associate thick hair with a healthy woman, which is attractive to them because they think you’ll be better suited to carry their child.
  • They want to see hips that are bigger than your waist. Again, this has to do with your fertility and ability to bare a child. If your waist is bigger than your hips, it’s not a bad thing! But to be safe, you may want to stick with a head-and-sholders shot.
  • Your eyes. Believe it or not, before noticing any other body parts, men notice your eyes, especially when your pupils are dilated. Try to keep your face obstruction free by removing your glasses, and don’t load on the make up too heavily. At first glance, men will 99% of the time be more attracted to a female with a natural look.
  • Is your smile genuine? Subconsciously men are off put if a woman has an unnatural smile. If your smile is put on solely for the camera, he’ll associate it with a fake persona and move onto the next profile. Have a picture where your smile is candid and natural, not posed!

Picking your profile picture is a key component to getting high profile views, which is essential to having success in finding a match. Take these aspects males are attracted to into consideration and choose carefully!

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