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Why More Women Should Be Using Paid Online Dating Sites




Hey all!

Jimmy here.   Today I wanted to talk about online dating practices and tactics that I find a lot of women ignore.  Last week, my girlfriend Sabrina had yet another “whine and wine” girls night in at our apartment. Even though I was told to be on my best behavior, (because last time I made her friend cry) I couldn’t help but pipe up when the same friend who I had made cry months ago was talking about how she could not find any suitable bachelors on her Crazy Blind Date dating app.

She asked me if something was wrong with her tactics and I told her that the number one reason why women fail at online dating is because they somehow think they are above paying to use an online or adult dating website.

All of the women then gave me a look as if I had said Lena Dunham had a sexier body than Megan Fox.  They then started saying how ridiculous I am for even suggesting that since women don’t NEED to pay for online dating–which may be true since most dating sites offer free memberships to women right away.  However, given my experience surfing online personals for over five years now, I can tell you now how beneficial it would be if women relied on paid dating sites instead of free dating sites:

1. 95 Percent of Members on Paid Dating Sites Are Men

Do you want to know the real reason why women don’t usually have to pay for membership on a lot of dating sites and it’s not because they are attractive.  It’s because that when it comes to online dating sites, men are the ones who lead interactions and are the ones who generally pay to use online dating sites.  The problem with a lot of dating sites is that they run scammy tactics such as Howaboutwe.com that fill their sites with fake female profiles.  When you are on free dating websites, you run the risk of competing with women constantly, however if you use dating sites like Passionsearch.com or Zoosk.com, you will surprised to see that 95 percent of the members are all men and they usually are fighting over you. Food for thought.


2. These Men Are Not Cheap Skates

This one is pretty easy but generally if you use free dating sites like Plenty of Fish, you run the risk of going on a date with a broke ass guy because it’s free to join.  When you join a paid online dating site, you know immediately that the men online are not cheap because what kind of broke guy would pay 30 dollars a month for simply the CHANCE of meeting a girl offline?


3. You Get What You F*cking Pay For

You have no business complaining over anything that is free.  If you don’t like the selection it’s because you are dealing with hundreds of lonely, fat, unattractive people who also think that a free dating site can be the solution to all of their problems.

So after being screamed at for twenty minutes, I then suggested them to try Grouper and all of a sudden they were all onboard with the paid online dating site idea—as long as it sounded like it could happen in a Sex And The City episode of course! ;)

Thoughts? Let us know in the comment section below!