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Starting Your Summer Fling

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a girl named Kate asking me what the best way to start a summer romance is. Since it’s that time of the year, I thought I’d share some insight with everybody on the easiest ways to start your summer fling off on the right foot. There are millions of pe... Read On

Ideas For Fun First Dates

Finally getting that first date through online personals is nerve-racking on its own, but then you have the challenge of actually going on the first date. What if the chemistry you have online doesn’t translate well to the real world? What do you do if there’s an awkward silence? Does s... Read On

Dating After Divorce

Remember when you were 18 and had a hard time hitting on the cute girl in Science class? Well, now you’re 50, in a job where there are no single women, and are back in the dating world for the first time in over 20 years. Where do you start? What’s the first step in finding that connecti... Read On

The Difference Between Online Dating and Good Online Dating

Finding someone to connect with online is doesn’t take much effort, but finding someone worth your time poses a bigger than most people expect. When you’re first diving into online personals, take a second to think about what it is you’re looking for. The internet’s a big pl... Read On

Home Fries & Sunny Side Up: Breakfast Dates

Eggs and bacon. In online personals, we’re constantly seeking new ways to impress our online dates, new places to take them, new experiences to wow them with – and why not a breakfast date? I want to go on a breakfast date. Even just with myself. Because breakfast is delicious. Pros: 1. ... Read On

The Five Best Sex Documentaries

Sex documentaries can be pretty cool and pretty sexy. From sex dolls to real women online personals to teen sex to adult dating, docs on the art of making love have covered a wide, wonderful and wild range of topics. Here’s the five best ever made: 1. “The Big O” This movie follows... Read On

CNN Fails With Adult Dating Study

Why is CNN still considered a real news station? It is, at the very most, ‘news entertainment’ or ‘entertainment news’ or ‘porn stars pretending to be news anchors reporting porn in the guise of news,’ Do we all agree? A recent article over at CNN’s website ... Read On

Ten Fun Tidbits About Kissing

Putting your mouth on another human’s mouth and touching tongues is somehow insanely pleasurable. We should know more about it. And since it’s our job in the online personals community to be informed about all things sex and romance, we’ve got a list of fun facts and historical tid... Read On

Romance, My Ass

There’s romance and then there’s crap. Ladies actually hate some ‘romantic’ shit that they’re really supposed to be into, and if there’s one thing worse than bad sex, it’s having to sit through a romantic gesture that makes you feel icky. Here’s a list... Read On

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