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Music To Soothe The Not So Savage Beast

All the work has been done. The online dating site, the chatting, the phone calls, the first meeting and the successful subsequent dates. Now it’s time for the first sexual encounter with the lady, and it’s time to set the scene. First of all, get things neat and clean. Hire a cleaning service i... Read On

Be The Dating King

If a guy wants to be a big winner in the online dating world and find a great relationship, he should learn how to woo and court a woman. Courting a lady is a lost art these days, and because of that, the guy who masters courting and chivalry will stand out in the crowd and beat out any competition.... Read On

Holiday Pressure

It’s that time of the year where people spend all of their extra cash on relatives they haven’t talk to in months, spend their extra time hanging decorations in their house that only their cats are going to get to enjoy, and spend their days and nights stressing over the fact that they&#... Read On

Why Relationships Go Downhill

Almost everyone in the world has the same question after a break up: “Why?” When you have a ton of small problems, how do you clear the smoke enough to pinpoint the main reason for the breakup? Whether you’ve gone on one date, you were married, or you married someone you thought wa... Read On

Get Your Message Noticed

I feel like every message I write to people I’m interested online has been written before. What can I do to make my messages unique? Sandra, 32, Oakville Well Sandra, if you’re looking to  get your message noticed, it’s not so much the uniqueness of the content as it is how engag... Read On

Online Dating Rules Of Thumb

Sometimes you find yourself looking so hard at the big picture that you overlook the smaller ones. The skin and bones unspoken rules of online personals haven’t changed much since the creation of dating sites. In case you’re one of the many who are having a hard time seeing the trees thr... Read On

Profile Face Lifts

When you first sign up for online dating sites, chances are you spend a lot of effort into building your profile. After all, that is the first thing people see regarding you. You can’t walk up to someone online and introduce yourself, you have to let them read the information you provide, and ... Read On

Music Can Influence Your Online Dating Life

A new study came out today outlining the role music can play in your online dating life, and surprisingly enough it has a lot of influence! Mental Health experts at Cambridge University have been doing research for the past few years, tracking how your mental state changes when you listen to differe... Read On

Choosing The Right Dating Site

There are so many new dating websites out there, I don’t know which one to use. Have any suggestions on how I can pick? Heather Well Heather, there are many important factors that should go into picking the right online dating site for you. First, make the decision on what you are looking for.... Read On

How Spell Check Can Help Your Online Dating Life

I have great news for people using online personals sites! There’s a great invention I stumbled across that will instantly make you a better communicator online: It’s called spell check! Believe it or not, this great tool will act as a dictionary for word that you didn’t even reali... Read On

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