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Advice For Divorced Women

I often get questions from divorced women asking about online dating. Is it right for them? Is anyone out there looking to get involved with a divorcee? Should they just give up on love all together? Well, with an attitude like that, yes, you should. But if you are one of the divorced women in the ... Read On

Can Having Too Much Money Be A Deal Breaker?

I find that when women realize how much money I make, they’re scared off. I could understand this if I made little, but I make a good living for myself. Why do women stop talking to me once they found out I’m wealthy? -Rich and Confused Although most people aren’t put off by a big ... Read On

Should Nerds Hide In The Geek Closet Or Come Out?

I spend a lot of my time doing “geeky” things. World of Warcraft and things like that. Should I list this as one of my hobbies on my dating profile? Kevin Kevin, believe it or not World of Warcraft is one of the most recognized games around the world. You don’t get a level of recog... Read On

What’s Their Secret?

I know a girl who found her husband through the Internet, but I haven’t gotten a single date out of it. What is she doing differently than me? Like everything else in life, things just come easier to some than others. Internet dating is no different. Unfortunately for new users to online perso... Read On

Dating Unplugged

I had a date go pretty bad last night. I met him on the internet so I thought he’d be internet savvy, but he was visibly offended when I checked my e-mail on my phone. What’s the deal? Michelle, 26, Michigan Well Michelle, he was probably offended because what you did was quite rude. Whe... Read On

Should You Tell Your Online Date That You’re Dating Others As Well?

I’ve been getting to know a woman online for a few months now, but I’ve still been exploring my options. Should I let her know that I’ve been talking to other people online as well, or is that not necessary? Paul Detroit, Michigan Well Paul, the joy of online dating is that you do ... Read On

Closet Raiders

I’m about to go on a first date with a guy I met online, but I don’t know what to wear. It’s just a dinner, but what if I underdress? What if I overdress? Help! Karen Meeting someone you met through a personals search in real life is more or less your first impression. Sure this pe... Read On

Make Your First Date Memorable

After you’ve made a strong connection with someone through online personals, the next step is the most important: The first date. A lot of people put so much pressure on the first date that if it doesn’t live up to expectations, you both leave disappointed and the time you’ve inves... Read On

What Makes You Good In Bed?

I’ve only ever been with my husband, and we have been divorced for two years now. I’ve met a lot of nice men through online dating, but I’m worried my inexperience in the bedroom will hinder how my performance stacks up in the bedroom. Should I be worried? Jackie, Minnesota Believe... Read On

Should You Look For Someone New While You’re Still In A Relationship?

It’s common for people in relationships to want to see what else is out there for them. The world isn’t filled with cheaters, but it is filled with curious people who want to make sure they’re doing the right thing. If you’ve been with the same person for 8  years, how do yo... Read On

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