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GPS Mobile Apps-How Women Should Protect Themselves When Using Dating Apps

  GPS Mobile Apps-How Women Should Protect Themselves When Using Dating Apps Hey all! Jimmy Jacob here reporting another online dating issue that has been irking me as of late.  Although I talk about internet dating tips and experiences on a daily basis, I have to say I’m one of the few people that truly believes that the more technology evolves, the more we de-evolve as a society. Yea... Read On


New Online Dating Survival Rules Guide

Hey all! Jimmy Jacob here! Remember when online dating was only for the desperate and the ugly?  Ten years ago, online dating was considered taboo and now anyone who is single (and married in some cases) with a smartphone is using dating sites as openly and as frequently as they check their FaceBook newsfeeds. (And that’s a lot!) It may sound relieving to know that finding dates on internet... Read On


Why More Women Should Be Using Paid Online Dating Sites

  Hey all! Jimmy here.   Today I wanted to talk about online dating practices and tactics that I find a lot of women ignore.  Last week, my girlfriend Sabrina had yet another “whine and wine” girls night in at our apartment. Even though I was told to be on my best behavior, (because last time I made her friend cry) I couldn’t help but pipe up when the same friend who I had... Read On


This Is For The Lover In You: A Guaranteed Valentine’s Day Panty Droppers Playlist

Hey y’all! Jimmy Jacob here and if you know me, you know that I’m a huge soul aficionado and although my buddies make fun of me daily for my taste of music, they all come running to me when it’s this time of year because on Valentine’s Day, the only music that can truly guarantee panties to be dropped is soul. If you’re having trouble coming up with your own playlist ... Read On


Sleazy And Sure Fire Ways To Get Laid For Valentine’s Day

  Even though I’m in a committed relationship and a very devoted partner to my girlfriend, that wasn’t the case even just a few years ago. I was the kind of guy that used Valentine’s Day as a way to have sex with women who generally wouldn’t have even dared to tackle my emotionally-stunted ass even a day before. Although I don’t condone this behavior, there are certa... Read On

How Your FaceBook Profile May Be Hurting Your Sex And Love Life

    The online dating site Match.com recently conducted an interesting digital dating survey and found out that over 48 percent of single women research their partner on FaceBook, whereas 49 percent of single men avoid researching their dates because they find it to be unacceptable. Now this is just plain sad and a scary statistic that speaks volumes about how we (or should I just say &#... Read On


The Five Things You Should Say After Sex When You’re Casually Dating A Girl

With dating apps and adult dating sites making it easier to hook up with girls, you can literally get laid as fast it can take for you to order take-out these days. Now although there are far more women out there that are unafraid of being more sexually-charged, there is something that most guys don’t realize until it’s too late about ladies and that is when a fine woman calls (or most... Read On


How To Preserve Your Relationship So It Doesn’t Curdle Past The Expiration Date

  When it comes to good relationships, many people have different analogies for describe them. To some people, good relationships are like flowers, birds or a Breaking Bad marathon.  However, for me a good relationship is like canned goods. I know what you’re thinking: ‘How unattractive is that?’ ‘ If you’re going to pick food of all things to compare your relat... Read On


Random Blind Dates Are On The Rise With The Help Of Popular Dating Apps

It’s 2013 and online dating is no longer taboo. One of the only taboo things about online dating is the idea of paying for it. Many adult dating sites claim that romantic chemistry is a science and up until now, we have lived that way and going out of our way to make sure we fill out lengthy application forms and chat at great lengths with other online daters, in hopes of building a fulfilli... Read On

Fireworks Season

It’s hard to get away from the constant reminder that it’s finally firework season. If you could put fireworks into two categories, it would be under ‘Things that will keep the kids busy,’ and ‘Romantic ideas for great dates,’ the ladder, of course, being the important one here. Going to see fireworks with a date is the perfect way to spark some romance, since i... Read On

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